Does HCG Last Entire Cycle?

I was thinking of using 500iu HCG every 4 days throughout weeks 3-8 of an 8 week cycle, plus every 3 days for 2 additional 2 weeks. If I mix this up at week 3 and keep it refrigerated, will the HCG be good for the remaining 8 weeks? How long does this stuff keep if kept sterile and refrigerated? I have HCG (Profassi) available in 5,000 or 10,000iu. Would it be better to use one 10K iu or two 5K iu?

So, guys, nobody don’t know nuttin’ about this HCG stuff? C’mon, help a guy out here !

Do you have to find a source at your gym for hcg or can you get it off the net or what? …because I need some and don’t really know where to get it.
I THINK, I am not sure though, that you only need to use it the last week or two of your cycle and then a week or so after. Some clomid with it is a good idea because hcg causes inhibition by itself.