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Does HCG Keep Testes Producing Test?

Say your labs show that you are at 400 ng/dl Total Testosterone prior to TRT

If you start injecting 150mg of Test per week and you’re doing HCG will your Testes continue producing that original Testosterone even while supplementing.

OR do testes shut down testosterone NO MATTER WHAT and the HCG is simply for size, potential fertility protection, and possibly mood improvement?

This is something I have been unclear about and if it’s not the case I almost see no reason to keep shooting HCG.

thanks in advance

Its in there:

The hCG will cause your testes to function and thus further increase your testosterone levels beyond your 150mg testosterone injections. But it also will cause the normal cascade of hormone production such as estrogen. So you end up increasing your E2 somewhat too. I do 150mg as well, and with 1.5mg of arimidex, my E2 was at 21. After adding hCG, my E2 went up to 29. But at least for me, I feel no different at 29 than I do at 21, so it’s of no concern. But if it was a concern, I would increase my arimidex to lower the E2 conversion from my shots, to allow for the excess E2 from the hCG.

Just curious, are you taking .5mg of anastrozole 3x a week?

0.75mg twice a week (at time of injections).

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