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Does Grow! have Caffeine in it?

I take Grow! Chocolate at night before going to sleep. I’m having a sleep study done and was told not take any caffeine including chocolate.

They said the protein powder is okay for the study if its chocolate flavoring but if its cocoa powder its not okay. Just would like to know if the Cocoa listed is real cocoa or cocoa flavoring to know if I can take my shake before the sleep study or not.

Not a mod, but the caffeine content of a couple servings of chocolate Grow! (Metabolic Drive?) has got to be very, very small, given the color and flavor of the product. I am very sensitive to caffeine and don’t notice it all. That said, if you’re going to all the trouble of a sleep study, just don’t use it. Try cottage cheese instead.

Or, since sleep is an issue, you may want to experiment (after the study of course) with skipping the protein close to bedtime. Maybe even try carbs instead.