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Does Green Tea Burn Fat?


I had been drinking a lot of green tea a while ago and noticed that I lost quite a bit of fat even though I was eating a hell of a lot, if not more than usual. At the time I didn't think it was down to the green tea and wasn't trying to lose fat either. I thought it could of been one of the other supplements I was taking.

After doing some looking around I have seen a few fat burner products contain green tea extract.

Has any body had any experience of green tea burning fat?


Green tea is known to have a fat burning effect, as well as plenty of other health benefits.

As far as the results you experienced... It would require and in-depth look at the supps you are taking and the macronutrients you are consuming to determine anything conclusive.


Short answer yes.

Long answer: green tea extract (I prefer to take a dose standardized for 200mg EGCG 2-3 times per day) Works best in conjuction with other agents such as yohimbine hcl, ginger extract, or for my favorite combo HOT-ROX. I find if you take a second bottle of HOT-ROX adding green tea helps it work like the first bottle or even better. (note: based on my experience no fat-burning supplement works as good as it does the first time, I have tried a few in my time...mostly because I really like dessert)


IMO the fat buring affects are minimal and should be seen as an extra bonus. Those who take it as a pure fat burner will probabily be disappointed.



It's a little boost, to give you a hand with energy levels and burn off some extra adipose. It won't do anything if your diet, exercise, and sleep isn't already in order.


GTE is a staple supplement for me. I take anywhere from 2-4gs per day, and I notice an ample difference in my energy levels and metabolism.

Xab is probably correct in his statement, though, how the benefits will be minimal if your diet is not in order. I doubt the GTE acts any differently according to one's diet, but the benefits will likely not be as apparent for a person with a poor diet.


It does work. Ive been drinking green tea once or twice per day since January and I've noticed I've lost fat and I do not get sick as often as I used to.