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Does Going Off TRT Raise TSH?

I was out of the country for a few months and ran out of T, had bloodwork and my T levels were really low (150) while TSH shot up to 6.6. I got back home and went back to injecting regularly, got another test and T levels are up again (a little too much actually), and TSH is at 6. I got scared and had the whole thyroid test done (FT3, FT4, rT3, antibodies).

Results are not in yet, but in the meantime I looked at some old bloodwork, and it turns out this happened in the past as well, in 2015. I moved to a different country and had to get a TRT prescription all over again, but they wouldn’t do it unless they saw current bloodwork showing I had a problem. so I stopped injecting, T levels went way down and they agreed to give me a prescription (it was really dumb but I did what I had to do I guess). But, TSH levels also went to 6.78! Since then I had only 1 more test for TSH (no one saw it as important enough to test regularly) where it was 3.78 without any thyroid treatment, still high but technically still in range.

This leads me to a hypothesis that me going off TRT somehow made my thyroid have issues that I could recover from given just time (and no thyroid meds)? I’ll know more when the results come in in a few days but I really want to know if anyone else can shed some light based on these “findings”, can’t find anything online.

Interesting. My TSH also went up a bit after stopping trt. I’ll know in a few days what my thyroid is doing now I’ve been back on trt for a few months.