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Does Fruit Spike Your Insulin?


i know fruit has a lot of carb in it but does eating fruit spike your insulin like other carbs? i always eat two pieces of fruit for breakfast, but i was thinking of eating like 6 pieces a day throughout the day with meals because its so easy to take it with you places.


Um, ya.


Yes it does spike insulin. Especially high GI fruits on an empty stomach like pineapple or banana or mango. But. . . just because you spike insulin doesn't necessarily mean that it's building muscle.


really?? Whats your goal? What are you doing? Y so much fruit? If you are trying to lean out back off fruit. Fructose fills liver glycogen storage faster than some startchy and other carbs.


Fruit is the best carb source IMO, lots of water, fiber, and various other micronutrients.


Matty: id like to agree but recent evidence and studies is showing that fruit fills liver glycogen storage insanely fast and just from small amount (based on indivduals of course) so new recommendations are stating the strachy carbs refill muscle glycogen storages better, methinks, I hope i am qouting this all correctly and I believe I am, so its pick and choose. Im using both (fruity and starchy) to claim a middle ground. I like fruit more (no homo?) and as stated agree with your claims.

If I was refuiling to crush wods id say fruit and or combo would be awesome, only if body comp is where individual wants it to be.

If gaining: combo

If leaning: little starch no fruit.


thats the main reason. i love pineapple. right now im cutting but i plan on bulking with lots of fruit. the plan is fruit 6 times a day with six meals.


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One could always stick to low fructose fruits: berries, citrus fruits, bananas and some others. Bananas being the best choice here - I think 10% of total carbs is fructose.


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Fruit elevates insulin slightly...most fruits contain like 20g carb...half of it is fructose whcih can't raise insulin...so really it is like 10g glucose which is insignificant in terms of insulin elevation...

eating 6 servings of fruit a day is overkill imo...2-3 a day is sufficent...

get the rest of your carbs from starches...it will be much easier...

btw bananas are 50% fructose...you can check other fruits/food on the USDA database...


I generally use this approach also

A little fruit (about 100 scale weight grams...20 grams or less total carbs) of high fiber fruits consumed with other foods (protein and fat) hasn't negatively affected my fat loss efforts and I'm not very carb tolerant.

I've leaned out both ways...with fruit and without..as long as you tactically time your fruit intake (around workouts) and keep the portion size small, I don't believe fruit can halt fat loss.

If you're eating fairly large amounts multiple times per day (with some of those being on an empty stomach, this could be debated too), then yes, it could slow down your rate of fat loss. However, there are many more factors that play a role in body fat loss, obviously.

Besides, it offers a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. That's a fair trade off if you ask me.

It also helps when craving something sweet

I'm leaning out currently, and I usually have 100 scale grams of strawberries and blackberries almost every morning for breakfast. A nice sweet taste first thing in the morning, can (at least for me) minimize a cravings for sweets later in the day.


Fructose can be stored as muscle glycogen, it preferentially replenishes liver glycogen first, though.

However, fruits also contain glucose and most contain less than 10g of total fructose (in the form of fructose and sucrose-component fructose).


In muscle tissue the increase of glycogen was of the same magnitude for both sugars, corresponding to 23.0 and 24.4 mmol glucosyl units per kg after fructose and glucose, respectively.


I won't say "best," but most varieties of beans are also exceptional for all the same reasons


Bottom line....if you're fat and don't want to be, fruit isn't the problem.

If you're not successfully cutting, fruit probably isn't the problem.

If you're failing to get enough of any number of vitamins, nutrients, fiber, or water, lack of fruit might be the problem.

Unless you're in preparation for a body building contest, you can eat some fruit with your breakfast and around your workout.

If you are trying to gain weight, eat all the fruit you want unless it is keeping you from getting enough protein.



in this study, pure frutcose was slower than glucose...However, sucrose(50% fructose/50% glucose) had the fastest glycogen synthesis rate...

i want to read this study, but i don't have access...


i admit i havent read tons on this sight but what i have read has helped me.

my diet has always been p+c meals at breakfast and PWO and P+f meals all the other times.

ive never tried a balanced diet for cutting which is what im trying to do know. i actually have never tried a balanced diet period. i want to give it a shot, i just never really ate fruit any other time besides breakfast.


fruit is also very cheap and extremely portable.


The thinner the skin the fruit has, the less sugar it has, as a general rule.