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Does Flax Go Bad?


About 3 yrs ago I bought and ground several .lbs of flax seed. I haven't used much since. I still got a bag full of it. Is it okay to use or should it be tossed?


It seems a year is how long it stays fresh whole. Once ground it should be refrigerated in an airtight container-and then it's good a few weeks. Exposure to air and light rapidly reduces its benefits. So you might want to toss it if its ground, or if you eat it maybe you'll be tossing :smiley:


I'd toss it


I would toss it as well.

But I never buy ground or whole flax seed unless it's refrigerated. It's not bad for it to be in room-temp for a few hours (ground) to a few days (whole) but it goes bad very quickly in either case.

I've seen plenty of health food stores who keep their ground flax unrefrigerated, what a waste/ripoff.