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Does Fast Healthy Food Exist?!?!


Anything but soy milk… I am not picky it just is nasty to me!! (just my opinion lol)


Nothing really magical, just an alternative option if you don’t do dairy. Coconut milk does have a very different macronutrient breakdown (higher fat, less carbohydrate and protein), but I’m generally of the mind that if most of my calories are coming from steak, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and milk that will probably do me just fine. Others with more serious body-composition goals will pay closer attention to their specific breakdown of protein, carbs and fat.

As for another question, yes, you can mix protein powder in oatmeal. Many folks here do that.


HAHA!! Big Bang Theory is hilarious! A bag of nuts might be fine if I had the jerky to go with them. Do you use any sauce or spices with the stir fry? That’s the part that gets me is I love sauces… if nothing else I’ll pour on Texas Pete. I’m going to make time to boil some eggs tonight and while eating them picture something yummy!


I really appreciate you taking the time to not only give advice but explain it in detail. The hardest workout I ever had was in the military but I want to take things to a higher level. I am feeling more comfortable with making good fast choices. I also learned to be more of a food planner!


I hate to be the one to break it to you man, but fruit has sugar too. You’re probably looking at roughly similar sugar content for an apple vs a cup of whole milk.

Shit. I’ve been washing my chicken nuggets down with MILK!!! No wonder I don’t have a six pack. I guess its time to man up and cut that awful milk out of my meal next time I go to Burger King to score 10 nuggets for $1.49.


No shit sugar has fruit my point is, why get double the dose?

Realisitically youd be better served washing your chicken nuggets down with whiskey


You both have given excellent advice so keep it friendly. I’m not going to do it but nuggets and whiskey actually sound like a pretty good combo!!


Gotta agree with ActiviesGuy… making time to food prep is a must.

I work 50hrs a week, commute upwards of 2hrs daily, have an autistic 5yo, am in school/continuing education, have severe netflix, world of warcraft, and sex addiction’s… but still manage to make time to food prep happen every Sunday.

Here’s how I make it work:

I cook up a “base lunch” every Sunday. Usually some combination of veggies and ground turkey and/or grassfed ground beef (roughly 30-45 min prep with cleanup). I cook up a pot of rice at the same time (carbs for workout days)… and I’ll chop up a few extra veggies (celery, broccoli etc). Some examples of this “base lunch”. Crockpot Chili, Rice & Gravy, Meat & Veggies, Dirty Rice. If you’re interested (and can tolerate redundant cajun inspired food) I’m happy to share recipes.

Beyond that, I stock up on quick/healthy/convenient food. My staples include: fruit, cottage cheese, coconut oil, eggs, egg whites, frozen fish, steak, fresh & frozen veggies, avocados, canned tuna, protein powder, nut butter and cream of rice.

I’m able to toss my food in a plastic grocery bag every morning in like 2 min (not exaggerating in the slightest)…

I usually make a quick dinner (frozen fish in the oven–broils in 10 min on tinfoil… zero cleanup, nuke some frozen veggies & rice).

Putting it all together, an average workday for me looks something like this:

Meal 1 ~7am
1 tbsp Coconut Oil, Coffee
8oz liquid eggwhites, 1 oz s/f coffee creamer
Meal 2 ~9am
8oz liquid eggwhites, 1 oz s/f coffee creamer, fruit
Meal 3 ~10am
Concoction Bowl (cream of rice & nut butter), Peri Shake (11ish)
Meal 4 ~12:30pm
"Base Lunch"
Meal 5 ~3pm
1 can tuna, 1 avocado
Meal 6 ~7pm
Fish 6oz, Veggies, Rice
Meal 7 ~9pm
Cottage Cheese
Snack ~ as wanted/needed
Raw/Steamed Veggies
Drink ~ as wanted/needed
Water, Plain Tea/Coffee (3 cups max daily)

Net result, I’m hitting my daily calorie target ~2500-2600, protein 220g+, and fats/carbs swing a little depending on whether or not I lift. Again, I’m able to toss all this shit in a bag/to go cup omw out the door in like 2 min every morning.

IF I fuck up (oversleep, get met with an ASD meltdown) and don’t pack… I’ll hit the gas station for a couple cans of monster muscle omw to work, chipotle for a bowl @ lunch, and mcdonalds/wendys for a plain grilled chicken breast as an afternoon snack—keep in mind, this is the exception, not the rule. I’ll also utilize protein powder to “catch up” if the day gets too busy and I miss a meal (often happens with meal 5).

I’ve also established the habit of logging every calorie I consume (using myfitness pal).

Anyway, hope my ranting is helpful!



Wow, your plate is really full and I’m happy you still seem to keep a positive attitude! I wrote down different things you and others have told me. I’m not sure how much of a problem it would be to share recipes on this forum but would love to gain all the information I can. I am absolutely serious about living a healthier life. Your details help me with a future grocery list.


You need to mix it into a tiny bit of water to make a bit of a runny paste then add it to the oatmeal. If you add it straight in, you get a lumpy, powdery mess. Also, add it in after the oatmeal is cooked otherwise you get a cake.


I totally would have jacked that up if you didn’t tell me!! I was going to try it in the morning so thank you for saving my breakfast.


Eggs + a tad bit of milk + bowl + microwave (30secs on high for every single egg you use) = insta scrambled eggs

Gotta experiment around with this but it makes a nice easy snack.


I have some farm fresh eggs I’m willing to try it with. Even simple eggs are fantastic to know how to make. Thank you!!


Yes, I do use lots of spices and sauces, but that is a matter of personal choice. I just go to the grocery store and look over the options.


Thank you all for the awesome advice you provided me. I already started implementing it into my work schedule and have a lot more energy :grimacing: I’m comfortable with the information given and less intimidated by food choices when in a hurry. This is a new chapter in my life and I want to learn all I can to meet my goals mentally and physically!


Real Life Training and Eating was such a great recommendation for me to read!! I think I should navigate around this site beyond just the forum section. Thank you very much Chris for directing to that.


I’ll put in another vote for food prepping, it’s made a huge difference for me. Get a slowcooker. Throw in a pack of chicken breasts, a couple bags of frozen veggies, and some salsa, then turn that bastard on. Congrats you have protein for the week. Of course you can get way more gourmet with this but its hard to fuck up.

You can also get fairly healthy options at chinese take out places. Just avoid the stuff thats fried or drowning in sugary sauce, and hold the rice if you’re worried about carbs. I order string bean chicken and a side of veggies at Panda Express sometimes in a pinch.


The chicken sounds easy and flavorful which is perfect! Thank you for your thoughts and giving me a different option to try.


does the cooked meat stay good all week, or do you freeze it?


The deluxe chicken wrap with grilled chicken at McDonald’s is awesome their is cucumber tomato and kale , around 450 cal, they have like 5 flavors. Itd 5 bucks but is very filling.