Does Everyone Use an AI?

Curious if people automatically take an AI? I am on Test Cyp 400 a week and now at week 8. My blood test said my Estradiol was actually low. So does that mean I dont need an AI?

What was your Estadiol level?
Are you taking an AI now? If so, you may be taking too much. If not, you probably don’t need one…

Everyone is different, but for what it’s worth I can run 400mg/wk Test, split into two weekly injections, not use an AI, and my E2 doesn’t go above the high 20s.

My TRT is 200mg/wk, no AI, E2 mid 20s.

Not everyone needs one, no. Genetics and bodyfat play a big role in determining the dose you need.

I knew a morbidly obese powerlifter who would cruise on a gram of test and not need an AI.

I dropped to 12% bodyfat this past summer, and still needed a heavy AI on 500mg of test.

Black label, what did you use and dose when you take heavy AI? Letro?