Does Everyone Follow a Program?

[quote]phatphit wrote:
Does Everyone Follow a Program?[/quote]
I do, in the sense that I have a general framework telling me what the next 4-12 weeks are going to look like. The days (either “Mon, Wed, Thurs” or “workout 1, 2, 3”), the exercises (or “preferred” exercises), sets, and rep range. Last-minute details very often change a bit - one part autoregulation, one part adapting to unexpected circumstances (gym distractions, equipment availability, etc.) But there’s definitely a plan in place.

I also spent all of last year following programs from the site here. Adhering to one program, usually 4-8 weeks at a time, sticking to it word for word and pretty much exactly as-recommended, and then moving on to a different routine. I felt I needed it as a mental and physical refresher, and it worked. I’m back to programming my own routines.

This is a different question, and the answer is no. A pre-designed/pre-written program is not always needed. But the more freestyling you do, the more you absolutely must be in tune with your body and how it reacts to different training stimuli (volume, intensities, frequency, etc.) or else you’re just giving yourself an excuse to spin your wheels.

This article talked, in part, about some pros and cons of instinctive training: