Does Estrogen Cancel Out the Effects of Testosterone?

Does e2 compete for test receptors, thereby cancelling out the effects of the test? I read an article stating something to that affect.

I definitely notice when my e2 is lower I feel
More alive. Like more
Mental clarity. Better speaking. Faster with words. More assertive. Just wondering why.

What’s “lower”?

For me below 30

I’ve let E2 go wherever it will. Last check mine was 55 (IA) and I feel better. Plus cholesterol dropped 36.

It seems like mentally I’m better with it lower. My thoughts and words flow better if that makes sense.

I still haven’t found any changes in arousal or libido on trt. So frustrating.

Mine was low and I felt like crap day 1 of TRT. Started injections of test and it shot up to 60’s. I felt absolutely amazing while it was climbing and then when it got to that level, I started to feel it wear off. I started feeling slow again, fatigued etc. But no where near when I was low. Doctor got scared and totally crashed me to something below 5 (because it couldn’t register any on my blood test). I never felt worse in all my life.

So to me, I do feel it affects the feelings of TRT, but, I can’t tell you if my doctor would have not panic’d, and we let my body adjust for a while on that dosage if it would have naturally balanced out and started to feel great again. I will be able to tell you over the next few months though as I dial in and try to get myself between 30-60 and stay there and see how my body adjusts itself.

Does anyone know if it’s true that estrogen competes with test at receptors though?

Yes, it absolutely does compete/interfare in many ways. But on the flip side with e2 too low testosterone is also deaf to the receptor (as e2 sensitizes the androgen receptors). So its all about the ratio and balance between T/DHT/E2 and this ratio is a very finicky thing which is why trt is soo hard to dial in. Naturally our bodies know how to get this ratio right but with injections its a different story.

Excellent post.