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Does EQ Need to Be Kept Cold?


...10 ml vial. Just wondering? I'm getting conflicting awnsers from the people who I know who are supposed to know? Thanks in advance.


cool dark place like you would any other med.
but dont need to put it in the fridge.

I hope not anyways I never have put it in the fridge.


Oil based preps are good at room temp. Injecting cold oil would not be fun. Warming it up a little bit prior to injection makes it more comfortable actually and easier to handle.


Injecting cold oil would be hell.

It does not need to be refrigerated. Just keep it in a drawer.

Keeping it in say, a hot car, would be a bad plan.


i know powdered Eq melts at room temp, so its actually common to think it needs to be kept cold.
but when you draw and inject you warm it up, which would ruin it anyways if it needs to be kept cold


Thanks guys...appreciate it.