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Does EQ Come with the Same Potential Sides as Deca/Tren?


So I’m currently 1.5 weeks into a sust 300 cycle. I was going to run it with tren, however, I got talked out of it… Partially on this board. So anyway, what I am wondering is does EQ have the same potential to screw up your erection as Deca/Tren? I want EQ for the vascularity.


Short answer yes with an “if”, long answer no with a “but”. If your e2 is not under control then you can have all the related issues, including a limp noodle. But if you’re on top of your e2 and manage it properly you should have any kind of problems related to erections and libido.


What types of compounds are used to manage E2?


EQ causes anxiety for some, if you don’t know of compounds to manage E2 then you probably shouldn’t be using AAS


Arimidex and aromasin. There are others but those are the two that are easiest to use and most readily available. Are you not in possession of an AI right now? Aren’t you using test as we speak?


Is E2 just estrogen? Cuz maybe it’s just a different name. Cuz if it’s estrogen then I do know. Either way every AAS user has gotta learn sometime right?


Yeah I am, both of those are an arms distance away from I need them. I was told that I could do without them by a few ppl I asked told to get them by others. This is my third or fourth cycle and I’ve never had to use Ai before.

Just so I know, which one is better. I’m not a 100% gonna get EQ. Just in case I get test sides that would call for AI.

If it matters my test dose is 600w


I’d love to see what you look like right now


No, EQ aromatises less than testosterone, the impact on anxiety is probably related to the way it impacts various neurotransmitters.

600mg of test/wk is enough to make some nice gains if you’re diet and training is on point, leave out the EQ if possible.


Alright cool, I appreciate your response that was actually helpful. You’re right I’m honestly just getting impatient I’ve only been on 1.5 weeks and I’m thinking more, more, more. I don’t even know anything about EQ other than I heard it was good for vascularity/veins. That’s what I want. I guess good things will come as the test actually starts kicking in. The only thing I’m getting so far from the test is mad deep skin acne and increased recovery by a chitload.


I see you’re using Sustanon, how often are you pinning, should start kicking in by 2nd or 3rd week.


No pictures on this account I talk about AAS and stuff sorry, don’t want that stuff on the internet. Maybe I’ll include a profile pic after the cycle.


I’m pinning 3x weekly .7ml. I was told by my supplier 2 was sufficient but because it’s got propionate I decided to do it 3x. Do you think that’s sufficient?

Edit: oh and I meant isn’t E2 just estrogen? I accidentally put isn’t EQ estrogen above.


so 300*.7*3 is 630mg, you are taking 630mg of test/wk. Some people will tell you to pin sustanon ED or EOD due to the propionate ester however I see this as unnecessary complication, sure ED or EOD would give more stable blood hormone levels however you can get by with 2-3x/wk. If you are comfortable with pinning 3x/wk and feel fine then stick to that routine, no need to poke extra holes in yourself.

As to the E2 comment, E2 is an estrogen, there are like four estrogens I believe, however I’m not sure if men produce them all, I am under the impression men produce primarily E2, women produce estrone, estriol and estestrol as well as estriadol (E2) I believe estestrol is only produced in women when they are pregnant, however I could be wrong, I’ll check later

As to asking me whether something is sufficient, I’m no expert, I can only give you advice ask the endocrinologist on this board for advice or ask a vet… I find your username amusing because I am slightly immature.


Lol word, I like the username too. PantiesPending. Her panties are pending.

Thanks for the advice. Appreciated


Ohh one more thing. I got some mundipharma test aqua to go along with my sust. Just a 1000mg pack, obviously this is just test suspension called aqua for branding. What I’ve been doing is injecting the sus at .65-.7 3x weekly and then injecting 30mg of the aqua right before workouts. The thinking was that the aqua could give me that boost while I wait the 3-4 weeks till the sus kicks in. Is this a naive/dumb line of thought? Should I continue what I am doing or just discontinue the aqua immediately and wait for the sus to kick in?


The sustanon kicks in pretty quickly. If you can’t get amped up for a workout while on that then you have other issues that need addressed. Test suspension is crazy dangerous for repeat use. Water-based injections have absolutely zero margin of error in regards to bacteria in the vial. Zero. It’s a legitimately bad idea and you’re nowhere near the stage of needing to take that kind of risk.


Fair enough, I will discontinue use of the test aqua then… Was seriously curious if I was doing something wrong with that. It’s this cum colored milky white stuff, it does have alcohol in it, but I think I am getting plenty from the Sus that I don’t need the aqua

Edit: what you said kinda freaks me out tbh


This is a very short-sighted view: If you were truly thinking like a bodybuilder, you’d be pinning 2ml of that in each lateral delt every day.

Those sterile abscesses you’d get will easy add a couple of inches of shoulder width!


lmao… better than synthol. There it is, I was beginning to wonder if there were any TN users who didn’t have a stick lodged deep into their bagina