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Does ED from Tren Continue Post-Cycle?

I’m currently running

Test E - 500mg
Tren E - 400mg
Mast E - 400mg
That’s weekly

Suffering from occasional ED and is starting to have a massive effect any idea what it may be?
Also, read up on tren dick post cycle is this definite it’ll take months to recover or ways around it

Are you taking anything for prolactin? What about e2 control? Any labs to go off of?

I’m not man, I can get my hands on some caber but unsure of dosages
Would that help?

What can I take for E2 control

Tren and PCT do not go together, man. As far as prolactin, you can start with P5P, but you should get blood work ASAP to determine what the actual cause is before you start adding in variables.

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Do you think if I come off the tren and just run test with some Caber I’ll be fine?
I’ve only been one for 1 1/2 weeks

This is a huge red flag IMO. You started test/tren/mast, are running nanthate esters (take longer to clear when you have problems), and don’t know what to take for E2 control? That’s a big boy cycle, and you need to have your ducks in a row way before hopping on. You should have had an AI like adex or asin already purchased, as well as at least P5P if not caber. I’d rather have BOTH P5P and caber on hand, start with P5P and step of to caber if need be.

Whatcha got planned for PCT by the way?

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Dosage depends on PRL level. It’s pretty strong stuff, P5P is a milder alternative (as mentioned by others). If it’s only been 10 days on a long ester you’re still building up.

E2 control is harder cos you’ve got Mast in there, so you may not need a lot of AI (or any). Labs would help guide you in the right direction tho

I’ll also add I had dick issues while running Tren, but they always cleared up when I stopped. Keep taking the DA agonist thru PCT

I have adex on hand but was told only use if needed in terms of gyno etc

I’m only two weeks in. If I drop the tren and continue on with test will i bounce back faster

I have
Nolva / clomid / hcg for pct

Think dropping tren
Continuing with mast / test I should bounce back