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Does Diet Soda Decrease Test Levels?

160 per week gave me reading of 887

Even though 100 gave me reading of 757

When did you take the blood test in relation to your shot? Anything else change in your porotocol like injection frequency?

Think about it, do you think diet soda would actually cause lowering of testosterone? Come on man.

Frequency changed.

100 was once a week and I took lab on day 8 an hour before next 100mg injection…

Now I take 80mg every 3.5 days on Monday morning and Thursday evening. This lab was done on Thursday morning basically few hours before next 80mg injection…

Both labs I didn’t fast.

However the 100mg one was just protein powder with water.

The 80mg 2x/week I had protein shake with peanut butter bannana + taco Bell breakfast burrito.

Was the first reading within your first 6 weeks on TRT?

Both labs we’re 10-12 weeks on the dose.

Your test levels fluctuated based on your injection schedule, stop worrying about it.

However, artificial sweeteners like those contained in diet soda are toxic. Stop drinking that shit.

I’ve known guys who start making process in the gym and see their gain plateau and then the bombshell comes up about them drinking 12 diet sodas a day.

Your body is not deficient in diet soda, your body doesn’t need that crap. That artificial crap is poison, I’d rather have the real sugar, at least it’s natural.

Holy crap is this true? That’s crazy…

How do you know have you compared these 2 injection frequencies on yourself before labs before?


Read some of the TRT thread. There is a healthy amount of information about IM versus SubQ and E2W versus E3D.

So it’s possible my 160mg levels aren’t really 887 but 1000+ on day 8 before next injection if it was once a week?

Does the number really matter to you? How are you feeling? Are you healthy?

You have a half life in medicine. Your T levels spike after a couple or three days after injection. If I was 800 7 days after my last injection, then that would mean my levels are higher closer to injection. Probably 1k +.

I’m feeling ok. Triglycerides are high and good cholesterol is low.

Feel like I have too much water retention + I think dose made me more hungry compared to 100mg.

Are you treated by a doc or by yourself?

What would you estimate your body fat is? If it’s high that could account for the cholesterol. I’m not sure how healthy your diet is either?

Heyyyyy I drink those shitty poisonous artificial drinks. I drink like three 375ml cans of diet coke a week. My reason for going to diet soda over the full sugared alternative is purely for taste reasons rather than health reasons. I grew up drinking diet soda, and now I can’t stand the taste of full sugar beverages, too sweet.

I’ve actually never had Taco Bell in my life. Maybe I’ll try it next time I’m in the US. Anyhow fluctuations in testosterone levels can depend on injection site, days prior to previous injection, the rate of elimination you have that current week (these things may fluctuate), whether you’ve reached steady state etc. Don’t worry about it.

Do yourself a favor and don’t, its gross. I’m 47 Ive had it once in my life and remember it tasting cheap, salty, and awful. Makes you feel like shit too, like most cheap fast food.

Idk man KFC makes me feel pretty great, I have it like once every 3-4 months.

Although I never liked American KFC, too oily, here the chicken is dry, crispy and full of saturated fat #atherosclerosis

If you like fast food chicken joints, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Popeyes!!!


Ive had KFC once in the last 10 years. Its good but not great. Those places are filthy too.