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Does DHT Matter? New Labs

Hi guys,
Like I said, post finasteride syndrome with only one pill. I suspect to be hypogonadal before fin.
Here are my new labs :
Total T : 276 ng/dl
Estradiol (ELISA assy) : 16 pg/ml (vs 19 last month) (22-50)
SHBG 21 (vs 18 last month) (18-54)
DHT : 1.44 nmol/l (vs 0.77 last month) (0.86-3.44)
FSH : 1.7 (vs 2) (2.1-18.6)
LH : 1 (vs 1.3) (1.7-11.2)
IGF1 : 260 vs 241 (94-246) Inhibine B : 351 pg/ml (80-325)

So my DHT is in range (on the lower end) but i still not feel good, still exhausted, depressed, on sick leave.

I was wondering if it is DHT that gives the sense of well being or Total T ?


Please do not scatter your info across multiple posts. We need things in one spot for context and to avoid duplication of effort.

Your problem is low-T.

Ok @KSman we will continue here.

How is my thyroid ?

TSH : 0.573
Ft4 : 13.8 pg/ml (7-16)
Ft3 : 3.37 pg/ml (2-3.2)

Never seen this tested before: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Activin_and_inhibin#In_males

  • so I have no idea re clinical significance

TSH is remarkably below 1.0
fT4 is well above mid-range
fT3 is over range

This could be developing hyper-thyroidism.
Probably considered ‘subclinical’ by doctors.

#Please report oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.
Please describe your life history of {not} using iodized salt?
Is your thyroid:

  • sore
  • enlarged
  • lumpy
  • asymmetric

Never have doc palpate your labs then get thyroid labs soon after.

Do you feel over heated easily or heat intolerant?
Have you been loosing weight?
SHBG might be elevated


Long term iodine deficiency can create hypothyroidism that can progress to hyperthyroidism from high TSH + years.

@KSman my hemoglobin is 16g/100ml and my HC is 48.8%, can i get on TRT with those results ?

I’m scared about TRT, my Hb is high, and my doctor doesnt want to hear about clomid and Hcg. What sould i do ?

@KSman is my CBC a problem for TRT ?

You would need to watch HTC and be prepared to donate blood if you are able. HTC and RBC on labs can be elevated if you were dehydrated.

How many of my points have you ignored? Should I ignore you?

Thyroid is not sore, not enlarged, echography was normal.

But i have always a lump in my throat.

I’m heat intolerant, but my temperatures as per sticky is normal

97.7 in AM


98.6 mid-afternoon?

You have ignored issues re history of iodine and iodized salt. This does matter.

If fT3 is above range and body temps are not elevated, this does allow for effects of elevated rT3 and that feeds into stress damage and adrenal fatigue.

Weight loss?

Why am I pulling teeth…

I can’t remember, i will do it again tomorrow.

I eat iodized salt since ever, i live in France !

Yes a little weight loss : 2kg.

But my adrenal are ok : cortisol 200 mcg in the morning

Since I’m secondary, post finasteride, wouldn’t it be a good idea to try a restart with Nolvadex ?


Temperature is 97.1 in the morning and 96.8 five minutes ago !

I don’t understand how this could be possible

Salut ! Prends tu encore de l’effexor ?

AM and mid-afternoon temperatures SVP

There is a HPTA restart sticky.
More than just Nolvadex, please read it.

@Ksman i cannot have nolvadex here

@tuckerleonie oui je suis toujours sous effexor, mais ca n’arrange pas la depression

Latest labs

Total t : 226
Lh 0.9
Fsh 1.5
Tsh 0.33 (0.4-3.5)
fT3 3.12 (2.17-3.5)
fT4 12.9 (7-16)


What do you think about thyroid @KSman ?

The man’s given you advice, and you’re choosing to ignore it.

Stop pestering him.