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does creatine works

I am new to body building and am curious if creatine works?

Creatine supplementation increases the phosphocreatine stores in the muscles. During heavy resistance training the body relies on phosphocreatine to resynthesize ATP, which is the fuel that can actually be used to create energy. After phosphocreatine stores have been used up, the body begins to rely on anaerobic glycolysis to resynthesize ATP. Trouble with anaerobic glycolysis is that lactic acid is a produced which leads to fatigue during a set of exercise. Supplementing with creatine can increase the amount of time that you can train without accumulating lactic acid. So yes, creatine works by allowing you to train harder and thus reap greater benefit from your training sessions.

Yes creatine works. However, if you are new to bodybuilding let me be the first to advise you to do your research. Sure it’s easy to just ask someone a question, but you it’s always rewarding to search for those answers and learn for yourself. I promise it will make your progress much better in the long run. Good luck.


Yes it does…

Yes. Does it work like the Cell-Tech ads say? No. Focus on your diet first anyway.