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Does Creatine Stay Good While In Water?


So I'm going to a summer camp for a week. Just for simplicity sake I'd rather not take a whole tub of creatine with me, or even a baggie of it. Would it work if I just put 7 servings in a water bottle and filled it with water, and then have a couple sips every day? I wouldnt be refrigerating it or anything.

Thanks in advance.


I heard you should drink it immediatly after mixing because it breaks down into creatinine causing it to be useless over a certain amount of time. So to get the full effect they say to mix and drink.

Just take a small container of creatine to camp


It goes bad when left in water.


or you could just not take creatine for a week if it's that big of a deal. correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't you supposed to take a week off from it every few months?


Definitely don't mix it in water and leave it. I believe it breaks down to creatinine in just a few hours.

Also carrying a plastic baggy full of white powder tucked into your camp gear is not the best idea. At least keep it in a larger container, preferably one that's labeled as to what it is.

Or just skip it for a week. It's probably more effective to cycle off and back on anyway.