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Does Creatine Give Anyone Else Kidney Pains?


I started taking it a little while back, and after a few weeks I started getting a pretty bad pain in one of my kidneys. I went to the doctor and after a few tests they said they didn’t understand what was wrong, when I said I was taking creatine they said to stop taking it immediately. Now doctors always seem to hate supplements, but sure enough I stopped taking it and the pain went away.

I’m thinking of starting up and seeing if it happens again, but I was wondering first if anyone else has had this issue?


How much water do you drink.

And yes, when something hurts, stop.


Are you taking high quality creatine, or some cheap brand from a discount store?


I was using MyProtein’s creatine monohydrate, and I tend to drink about half a gallon a day


That isn’t enough for a hard working athlete in general, let alone one supplementing with creatine. Up it to a gallon and make it a mission to always drink that much.


Creatine needs lots of water to work. One of the symptoms of that is hurting kidneys.

2x what he said.