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Does Creatine Burn Fat? Retain Water?


I have heard mixed things about creatine burning fat, some say it does and some it doesn't. I don't really need to burn fat at the moment, but if i was to bulk would it reduce the fat gained from it working out regularly.

Also I have heard it retains water making you look fuller, I don't really mind retaining water anywhere else apart from in my face, never like my face to look fat at all as I can't pull it off. Have a naturally fullish face so keep my body fat pretty low so it looks normal. First sign of gaining weight is always in my face, I still have abs and definition everywhere else but the face so it is annoying.

So if I was to start taking creatine is my face likely to look fuller from the retained water or thiner from burning fat aspect. Or does the fullness just go to the muscles being worked?



Water retention only occurs in muscle. Your body as well stores most of the creatine you make/ingest in areas where the most muscle occurs in your body. So chances are it won't make your face look "fuller". Creatine does not burn fat however, it can increase your recovery time so you are able to work harder/longer thus leading to using more calories this leading to fat loss.

I hate when people use creatine to "bulk" up/to look fuller when that is NOT the intended use for it. It is used for recovery with aspects of replenishing ATP levels used by muscle contractions.


it shouldn't affect your face, it just slightly increases the amount of fluid in your muscles. Creatine doesn't burn fat, but it aids you in the ATP/PC energy cycle which could give you increased performance in the gym, which is good for bulking and cutting. It's also good for your brain!

creatine = good at all times


i've noticed my face gets puffy when i'm on creatine. or maybe that's just me becoming a fatass.

either way, it's good stuff, i get hella strong while i'm on it.


Cheers that's useful, I will get some then. Mainly using it to recover as i've just got back into it after a long time off the weights, so when I hit the gym at the moment, even taking it easy, I can't walk for a week after.

Just didn't want to look bloated in the face from retaining water.


Oh and there are loads of mixed things as well on to load or not to load, so not sure which to go with?


Loading not necessary.


dude it's like 12 bucks for 100 servings of creatine from Biotest. i'd load.

warning: i think i poop a lot when i load creatine. but w/e, it only lasts 5 days and then i get big and strong so it's kosher


Don't mean to Hijack the thread but... Does it matter what age you take creatine? I once talked to some lady from GNC and she recommended that I wait till I'm like 21 when I'm done growing to take it.
Btw I'm 17 years old.


She is a retard. You can take it now.


Stick it in her pooper, that'll straighten her out :slight_smile: