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Does Cognamine Work?

Anybody know if this stuff works. Can’t get anything more then very basic information on it. T-Nation staff or senior members? Why is this stuff so under the radar.

Does the one company that seems to make it have a patent or is it just crap? How come none of the millions of supplement companies have ever started shooting loads over it? Can’t be because it simply doesn’t work. We all know that never stopped these guys before!

What is it, and what’s it supposed to do?

It’s a supplement!

I figured that much out all by myself. Just wondering what it’s for?

a few searches on google tell it is used to increase reaction speed and muscular contraction.

it is also known as BrainQUICKEN or BodyQUICKEN

It’s essentially a bunch of amino acids. Looks like it’s got DMAE, Tyrosine, Piracatem, and some other goodies in it.

Might work, but it sounds like you’re getting ripped off. Try some Power Drive. Looks like it might work just the same.