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Does Coach D have his own site?

Coach D,

I was wondering if you had your own site in addition to the info your post on test.net. I ask because you are more athlete oriented than most of the stuff on T-mag. I need to start training more like an athlete than a bodybuilder/powerlifter. Thanks.

thanks for your interest. Funny, for years, I was literally travelling without every being “home”. I never took the time to set-up the standard web site. I never realized so many wanted to listen to a old “results-only” coach. I kinda liked creeping, working in the shadows or as one coach told me I am the “unseen”. Well a few months ago TC asked me to write something and I guess as you know, athletes seem to be interested in the writing of this old coach. I have a web-site under development called RenegadeTraining that I still dont know what the heck to do with. But I really enjoy my “home” here at lot and am also found rambling at InfinityFitness. Well, I dont know if you wanted my biography but you got it-If I can help, you know I will. In faith, Coach Davies

you say you are an old coach. how old are ya?(if I may ask)
in faith,

I think he is like Yoda, nobody really knows. He lives in the weirdest places and no one bothers him until they are really desperate.

Who cares! It sounds like he knows his stuff. That’s enough for me. Also, I’ve been around awhile & have never heard of the dude! What’s up with that?! This guy has come out of know where! I would like to know more about your background. ~In honesty till death~

Steve, I’ve got it from a good source that the “old” coach is a mere 40 years old.

40 years old and according to Kato able to blow all of his elite athletes away in the 40 yd dash. That right there says enough for me.

kato’s comment of Yoda, while amusing is extremely accurate. I lived in the shadows of coaching high profile teams/athletes. In those circles, confidentiality is imperitive. That might help “BruceLeeRoy” understand where I have been. My comment before is completely true - I had no idea that my work would be of interest to all of you. I still dont know how I can help but if it is a blessing to do so. The “old” coach represents my travels in coaching and the experiences that I have been through. Buster, your source is off but I will take it. I’m going to let the question stay open until anyone actually wants meet to speak. Who knows, maybe I always be unseen. If I can help - just let me know. And Steve I am pleased that you have the same closing - lets spread faith. In faith, Coach Davies

It wasn’t really a big deal, it was just funny how he said he was an “old coach”, because you usually don’t see many strength/speed coaches in their 60’s!

website or not, I read Coach’s posts just about every other day and I say to myself “this guy is amazing”. His writings are personable and friendly, his knowledge is on par, if not surpassing, some of the great strength coaches we have met via the internet and T-mag, and he obviously gets as much pleasure out of sharing this knowledge with us as we do absorbing it all. I know preseason traing will shortly start, so I hope your posts continue as they have, often and chock full of knowledge…and maybe you can provide us with periodic updates on the individuals/teams you’re coaching?

P.S. in a previous post, I had asked you about that miracle fat burner, but I know you're reluctant to speak to speak openly about it. I'd truly appreciate the opportunity to talk to you privately (via e-mail) about this. Thanx.

well I thought it was funny to say the least thought. I appreciate your comment “Bionic” but unfortunatetly my posts will start to slow down a bit. I hope to also be introducing a coach on the forum shortly. He is beyond his 60’s and possibly the best source of knowledge that I am aware of and I know you’ll enjoy his approach (he considers my training “soft”). In faith, Coach Davies