Does Clomid Raise Estrogen?

I started Clomid about 5 days ago, and feeling bloated. Like me E2 is high

I believe Clomid blocks estrogen from your pituitary gland. It should not raise your estrogen levels. The other, more experienced members can tell you about your symptoms and what MAY cause them. However, without a blood test for your current levels, they may be only shots in the dark.

Clomid raises T and therefore also raises E2. If you have high Body Fat, it’s more likely that this is the case.

It’s probably not E2 though, but the Clomid itself. It has partly estrogenic activity and is known to cause bloating. Then, an AI won’t help. Lowering the dose (which you probably will anyways soon enough) will.

If you try an AI, go really low on the dose.

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