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Does Clay Guida Belong in the UFC?

He’s like a cartoon character, more specifically, the tazmanian devil. People love watching him fight cause he brings it every time. Hell, coming out of that first round alive with Diego and bouncing around like he was totally fresh at the start of the second was enough to make anyone a fan. On the flip side, as someone who wants to see him progress, he needs to start learning to check that aggression and let it explode at the appropriate time, not getting drawn into a slugfest with someone who can clearly outbox you. See Shogun circa Pride.

That said, he’s going no where. Hell, if Elvis Sinosic can make it to 1-6 in the octagon before getting cut, and get called back AGAIN for the UFC’s first Australian event, I think Guida will stay as long as he entertains.

[quote]Schwarzfahrer wrote:
Not so fast, ZEB
Bisping pound-for-pound, owns Guida bigtime.[/quote]

That’s irrelevant to my point.

And why was he “built”? PPV English dollars for the UFC.

Yes, he is, as is Clay Guida. But, back to my original point, as long as they each draw fans, and money to the UFC Dana White will continue to make a place for each of them.

[quote]Out of curiousity, how do you feel for Silva-Bisping?

First of all I think Dana White makes many matches with a desired outcome. Granted, that outcome doesn’t always happen, but if they can they’ll make it happen, see Bisping vs Hamill. You’d either have to be blind or an idiot to think that Bisping won that fight, (or be from England). I think they thought that Henderson was over the hill and projected Bisping getting a decision, that one backfired and it was a most happy day indeed, but not for Dana White who was probably broken out in a cold sweat and laying of the floor in a dead panic seeing all of those potential English PPV’s slipping away.

With that said I don’t think Dana White makes a lot of mistakes. They know that Silva has seen better days but still has a good name. They also know that Silva at 185 pounds is untested.
No one knows what will happen in an mma fight, one reason it’s such a great and exciting sport, but if I had to bet I’d bet that Bisping will hang in there long enough to get the decision. If Silva were smart he knows that he’s got to stop Bisping because there probably is no winning a decision from him. I feel that if Silva pounded him for three rounds they might give him a split decsision and later on talk about how close the fight was, you know how they do that right? Anyway, the smart money would have to be on Bisping because of the great, great lust for English mega bucks that White has.

-yes, and I appreciate your analysis.
As much as I’d like to see Silva win, I believe -and that I do with a heavy heart, like with Kang- Bisping’s gonna win, with a stratigically defensive course of action. But I think he will do more then just survive.
That might be Silva’s last UFC fight.

[quote]Schwarzfahrer wrote:
But I think he will do more then just survive.

He very well may, as I said Dana White didn’t make this fight to see his English golden goose lose.