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Does Chalk Make a Big Difference For Deadlifts?

[quote]shoobey wrote:
Where do you guys get chalk from? I always have sweaty palms during deadlifting and drop it prematurely. My gym doesn’t care about chalk so I can jsut get normal chalk, don’t need the liquid one.[/quote]

I got mine from amazon.com. Search up GSC Gym Chalk. ~$9.60 for 1 lb.

I carry mine crushed up in a plastic Ziploc bag. :expressionless:

I used to carry around a Rosin Bag when I trained in a commercial gym. I would just reach into my pocket, coat one and and then transfer it to the other hand. You can pick them up at any sporting goods store for a couple bucks.

The chalk socks are still a bit messy, and not concealable.

I use chalk for every lift. Maybe it’s just a habit now, but sweaty hands are just one less thing to worry about. Not to mention it’s really cheap.

chalk rhalks

Chalk is the best supplement I’ve ever used.

[quote]Fishsticks wrote:
Missed a rep last time doing deadlifts because my grip slipped out.

Too fucking bad my gym is the worst shitpile of 40 year old women on bosu balls with a 5lb dumbbell. I don’t think chalk is allowed there, going to ask next time I hit the gym.[/quote]

dont even bother asking . just use it sparingly and dont leave a mess.

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