Does CBD Increase Estrogen?

The CBD oil/gummies etc. you see being sold in supp stores, do they increase estrogen like marijuana or is that just THC and not CBD?

There’s a lot of inconclusive findings on this research, but just from the few things I’ve skimmed, CBD and estrogen has a most notable impact on us females a bit more than males. CBD in general decreases estrogen. For women it equates to higher libido/ stamina, easier menstruation, and a few other things concerning endocrine functions.

The thing with CBD is that there’s no active THC in it. THC doesn’t so much increase estrogen as it does, zap small bits of Testosterone in men, and women. So it doesn’t mean just because it lowers Test, it’s going to increase Estrogen. Although it can, and that’s mainly dependent on the individual, so there’s going to be variations.

So in general you’d be better looking out for CBD and how it effects Leptin and Ghrelin levels concerning appetite, than Estrogen. For dudes, CBD can tap into that munchies feeling much like THC does. On the other hand it can suppress your appetite too, like THC can as well.

I prefer CBD oil and use it topically, just because I don’t want to have to deal with rearranging my diet since most cannabis related products make me not want to eat.

Since you’ve mentioned the edibles, I wouldn’t really worry about much. If you’re noticing you’re eating more and it’s something you don’t want to do, just back off of the amount you’re eating from day to day or week to week. If you notice it’s killing your appetite, do the same thing.

BUT, the things sold in supplement stores can be EXTREMELY iffy. There’s no telling what they’re adding in there and how it’s going to effect the quality of the CBD. If you’re thinking of doing CBD, I’d just order something from a reputable dispensary and call it a day.