Does Caffiene in Green Tea Negate Creatine Effects?

I’ve recently started consuming green tea daily. I’m aware that there is still debate, but many feel that coffee and creatine is a no-no due to the caffiene. My question is, does green tea fit into this equation. I beleive I’ve heard somewhere that green tea is pretty week as far as caffiene goes, however I’m not positive. Any knowledge, thoughts on this?

There’s only about 30mg of caffeine in a typical cup of green tea (better double check the label, though). That’s probably not a problem considering green tea may also have benefits on glucose tolerance (which may be helpful as the body treats creatine similarly to a sugar). And if one co-consumes plenty of dietary sugar, the muscle uptake is further enhanced, probably reducing any effects from the small 30mg caffeine.

Still, it may call for some experimentation, keeping a close eye on the mirror and scale to assess results.

Nice reply Doc!

BTW-I also cover this in the upcoming creatine article.

Yeah, I rock. (wink) I’m sure your article will too. These are the side effects of too much schooling in the hands of a weight lifter.