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Does BSN Stack Work?


No Xplode + Nitrix + CellMass, can someone tell me if it really works or if there is anything better than this ?? PLEEEASSSEEEEE DON'T TELL ME "BUY FOOD"......just let me know if this really works and if there's anything better than this in the market??




Well, your diet is one the cornerstones to whether you make any progress, so you should focus on your diet before getting caught up in supplement hype.

When it comes to supplements, there are many products I'd buy and recommend, but none are from BSN.


Like roidz man.


how could it not? they're stuff is top notch... oh wait... isn't that the company that got hauled to court over their creatine product being a complete lie? yeah, it is!



(Insert "you fail" picture)


I'll make the mistake of taking you seriously. NoXplode gave me stomach issues, among them diarrhea (didn't even live up to it's name man....)

Seriously, supplementation comes secondary to diet, exercise and sleep.


Like what ?! can you name some ?


This thread makes me angry.


It made me hyoge.


Buy Food.


Anything by SNI, MRI, or even Gaspari. All of them are awesome, completely unbiased, worth the price, and worth their weight in gold.

Fools gold.


I gained 40 pounds of lean muscle in just 2 weeks using BSN stack. 3 simple workouts of 20 minute every week is all it took. I also lost 22 pounds of pure body fat. Oh yeah, my dick grew 3 inches... around. BSN stack is a must-have, so first thing tomorrow make your run to GNC! Don't forget to get some Muscle Milk and creatine! jagerbomb!


First of all, chill with your messages, I've never seen someone who could scream in a forum. Secondly, everyone in here is right, food is a cornerstone in your progress. Third, your at a website with better information than anywhere else on the net, bar none.

Read the articles on food and nutrition, and the supplement articles. Fourth, you won't find cheaper or better supplements than the Biotest store, save for the recently added once that are well worth the expense. You can get Creatine here for something like 13$, and 5 lbs. of grow whey for cheap too.

Also, www.charlespoliquin.com has great supplements and info. Now stop whining and go educate yourself so you can make wise choices when it comes to your training and diet.


Oh shit, you must've used Bow-flex. No wonder you got such great results.


All BS aside diet, recovery, and training are most important but, I did like the Mass Stack and lot of my friends did also. Just my two cents.