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Does Boron Increase or Decrease Estrogen in Men?

I want to supplement Boron to primarily aid with vit d absorption (and some other benefits) but there’s conflicting information on the web as per usual. This particular article indicates that boron can increase estrogen and decrease estrogen?!

Wondering if anyone has solid experience supplementing this?

Hey I supplemented Boron for a little over a year. Here are some things I experienced.

  1. Crazy water retention. Very bloated all the time
  2. Felt like I had more stamina and energy in the gym
  3. When I stopped my t levels went absurdly low (this was prior to trt)

Your mileage varies obviously. I’ve heard others felt bitchy on it. But it’s so person dependent. Hope that helps.

I dont know if I really feel anything and I almost take it daily. Supposedly it doesnt raise estrogen the same way as it does testosterone.

Thanks… how much were you taking?

Thanks… how much are you taking?

3-6 mg a day, but there are days when I don’t take it at all.

I believe it was 12 mg. Haven’t taken since trt

When you raise testosterone you raise also estradiol this is the most natural thing…

That’s what I thought initially, however according to this study it is not the case: