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Does Boldenone Cause Anxiety?

I am inteed to use Boldenone at low dosages for endurance and some gains and want to hear if it’s a good compound and if anyone has anxiety, wich is something that I want to avoid, while running Boldenone.


I ran it once and did indeed experience increased anxiety. I used 500mg/wk along side moderate test and didn’t notice much over test solo to be honest. I think it needs to be ran in pretty high doses to get any size from it. But if stamina and increased hunger is your goal than it would probably work. Keep in mind it’s a bear to PCT so I only think it’s good for TRT guys.

Can you discribe your anxiety while on it? Also, you think the problem is with this drug or the high dosages people use it?

It causes low e2 which can cause anxiety. Don’t let it crush your e2 and the anxiety risk goes way down.

I just have anxiety when my e2 is high. So…? It’s not about the compound per see but for his anti-e effect that people clains to have anxiety?

That’s the consensus. I take all of it with a grain of salt because I won’t touch EQ and the blood work that’s out there indicates it’s just a weird drug depending on who’s using it.

Why you would not touch it? Is there anything more you can say to me about this drug? Also, anybody in this forum had done Boldenone only to see if it was a true statement of this compound acting like a IA?

I love EQ, my favorite compound. But yes it can give you anxiety, if you take high doses.
I only got anxiety when I frontloaded it, around 1200mg for about a month, then down to regular dose of 400mg/week(plus 200mg test from the start). It takes a while to feel the effects(this also includes negative side effects), but then they hit you like a brick wall.
I think its more to do with high blood pressure, from increased red blood cell production.
Anxiety in normal life usually stems from your negative perception of a pending stressful situation. With high EQ there was no real life situation to stimulate anxiety, I just felt anxious for no apparent reason.
It also takes a long time for negative symptoms to go away because it hangs around in your system for a long time.
The next cycle I just ran it without any frontload, and it became my favorite go to cycle, for a long time, until I got busted by the cops for possession. No illegal drugs for me now, prescription steroids only:(

You hear some guys say EQ is useless, but it gave me much better strength increases than test, joints felt amazing, long lasting gains, and fat burning despite no change to diet. It didn’t increase my appetite like many people report.
Also less hairloss, acne.
It was good quality stuff that I homebrewed myself, so I know it wasn’t deca or some other gear. One of the few steroid raws that is liquid at room temp.

Some people have an affinity for a particular steroid, so try it and see if you like it. Start conservatively, increase slightly on the next cycle if you want. Back off if you get anxiety, but be prepared to wait, it takes time if you over do it.

I want to do a low dose, 100mg - 200mg.

Do you think it can cause me anxiety?

Never noticed any anxiety from boldenone. Never noticed anything at all, actually. I think it’s a pretty terrible drug. Just IMO, of course.

I have high HCT already, so using it is off the table for me. Otherwise I’d be pretty interested.

Very, very unlikely.

I’m interested in how you’d go. In the past I would have said you won’t get much benefit from such a low amount. Good quality drugs, and at least TRT dose of test can do a lot more than most people think. Heck I blow up on 250mg of test.

I hear this quite a bit. Interesting to see how different people respond to the same drug.
Do you get better results from lots of test, or do you stack other compounds?

I don’t like high dose (for me 150mg+) testosterone for this reason alone. “Blowing up” isn’t aesthetically pleasing to me. I don’t want to gain 5kg of water over the span of a few weeks

I prefer 125mg/wk of test. I would add extra anabolics(like EQ) for a blast, but realistically all I can get at the moment legally is test, but I limit it at 250mg/wk. Even at that small amount I get zits, and start thinning on top. By blow up, I’m not referring to bloat, but muscle growth.

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I was referring to 150mg as a cap. I typically use 100-125mg/wk.

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Being honestly I can’t even use much test because I am bipolar and get angry/anxious. That’s why I am open to use Boldenone. I probably will use it as monotherapy and report how will work.

Does boldenone really lower E2? I was pretty sure it causes low E2 blood test reading but does not actually interfere with E2. Something like tren makes E2 reading unreliable.

Lots of blood work out there showing the effect it has on e2. Couple that with lots of user experiences of very low e2 symptoms after adding bold and we can surmise that it has an impact, though it seems uneven depending on the user.

I don’t think it lowers it. I think it blocks test out from converting. Stopping something from ever existing is different than lowering it. It seems to convert to E1, and binds to aromatase very strongly (so much so that it blocks a good amount of test from binding). Just a hypothesis from seeing blood work from a guy on Test / EQ who got E1 and E2 individually measured. E1 was sky high, E2 was low.