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Does Bodybuilding Make Muscles Forget How to Work?


It annoys me more when juiceheads at the gym say they have never taken anything. And mention stuff like German broccoli and whey fucking protein. Yeah right Pinocchio :lying_face: fuck off before I headbutt ye. I feel like it’s insulting lol


Just ask how the German Brocolli tasted this week. That will get you in the group, - after they take turns pegging you. At least you’ll be part of the joke.


You can tell a mile away


Not to mention based off of what I see he doesn’t have the mental maturity for it.


And he’s “known in the teen fitness world” or something like that, so he specifically requested that no one out him (even though it was very easy to find his real instagram account and real name) bc it would show that he’s one of them thar fake natties.