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Does Bodybuilding Make Muscles Forget How to Work?


hate to break it to you, but you don’t have haters. Not enough people are aware of your existence for that to be a thing. You’re just annoying.


Haha, I almost posted something similar.

Today’s youths (ugh…I’m not old enough to be this crotchety) love to invoke “haters” when people disagree with them, massively overinflating their own influence in the world. Kanye West has haters. LeBron James has haters. Tom Brady has haters. You don’t have “haters” - people just disagree with you because you’re wrong.


lol right? like, there has to be some level of accomplishment to have haters, that’s inherent to the definition. Nobody hates on mediocrity. Hirohito has done NOTHING compared to half the guys in this thread. Athletically, professionally, personally, take your pic. I can’t imagine a single thing that would make me jealous of him. Except for maybe the fact that he’s A MOTHER FUCKING EMPEROR. That’s pretty sweet. I’m just a guy who has a nonsensical screen name that I came up with when I was 17, and have strangely never let go of.


Spoken like a couple of fucking haters!

-Yogi out


I dunno man, he’s nailing his goals. I couldn’t train my left leg for six months after my ACL rupture, and I STILL couldn’t get the minimal muscle mass look that he’s got going.


And of all emperors, the one who fought alongside the Nazis! What a guy.


Lol, wut? Just start lifting man


This is why I want to get my oldest to join !


I bet he has a lot to offer.

Unlike our dear Emperor, who waves a diploma about “science” then posts a Mike Isreatel (who I respect) vid.


Yeah … I would like to see how he would do in a online debate. He’s got gym experience not to mention he’s finishing up his degree in exercise science and his minors in human bio and fitness. It could be entertaining.


He’s rocking on the academics, isn’t he?

His ace in the hole would be a squat or dead clip though. Anybody can talk about phosphorylation. Not so many can deliver high poundage for reps.


At the moment he’s rockin some freakish quad size


This little tangent just reminded me of that recent pharma thread where the narcissistic little 18 year old responded to a Dave Tate vid “well he obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about”.


Amazing how that works… Well obviously the young man watched allot of videos and was well educated.


Hes been giving advice on the pharma forumn.


did you see the pictures he posted? He’s a little tiny baby. A little tiny baby using steroids.


Not even 18 yet with only one cycle under his belt and hes giving out advice.


Well, he does have more experience with those things than me, so I guess it’s OK? :crazy_face:


I don’t know what to believe anymore.
Before it was simple,

Are they bigger than me? Yes = steroids

At some point there will be no nattys left anymore and the natty or not website will become obsolete.


What… What… What guys on forums giving opinions and advice who are not experienced ? Surly you jest? That never happens on here! But yeah I would say that young man probably needs to keep it to himself. Side note: after posting this I went and looked at what you was talking about. GOOD God!