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Does Bodybuilding Make Muscles Forget How to Work?


Well if it’s any weight to the on going conversation of added strength concerning sports. I’ll agree with the other guys that it’s generally beneficial.

I used to be on the swim team all throughout highschool. I was about sub 115lbs. I would ALWAYS come in third place. No matter how I specified my training, or what have you. I remember clear as day the chick who would always come in first. I can’t remember her face, but she had what I will confidently describe as the thickest, most dense pair of legs I’ve ever seen in real life. And I would always see her in the weight room on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. She wasn’t really top heavy, but her legs…her…legs. She was short like myself, but I really don’t think that mattered since the chick who always came in second topped out at 6 foot 2.

Fast forward to me now I’m hovering around 189-190, and I can easily see myself beating my old highschool times if I decided to specifically swim and train for that. Strong legs are awesome for chopping through water.

I’ve also seen some well built/dense lady gymnasts with freaking tree trunks for legs, and they kick ass on the trampoline, and floor routines where they’re sticking double front and black flips, along with a plethora of other gymnastics tricks.


All of the girls on the diving team had really powerful legs. Some of them were also gymnasts or at least had gymnastic backgrounds.


I’m not sure how many people on this thread care about the NBA enough to realize how funny this is, but this is a tremendous quote.

Andrew Wiggins & Zach Lavine right there in the same sentence with Michael Jordan as the three examples that came to mind for most athletic basketball players of all time.


He’s right though, this dude has way too much muscle, is totally unathletic, and he doesn’t even deserve to braid Andrew Wiggins’ hair.


Weird that it took this long for this to come up! Lebron’s draw was that he was built like an NFL linebacker at 17.

Keep in mind too (although apparently we were all scouted to play pro sports, but just didn’t want to), at that level there is an “eyeball test;” there’s a stigma to looking like a football player trying to play basketball. Unless you have Lebron talent, it’s not worth turning scouts off before you even get a look.

The most obvious point, of course, that’s already come up - there’s so many hours in a day. If you’re chasing a bigger squat than you need, that’s time not spent playing basketball. That’s not the same thing as saying a bigger squat directly hurts your athletic ability.

Are we surprised not doing something doesn’t make us better at it?

And… end being late to the party.


It is better to have a lower level of muscularity but an aesthetic looking body with a 29 inches waist rather than looking like a failed power-lifter with a blown up waist. Stop thinking that your upvotes has anything to do with your smart argument. Most people who were upvoting you were just my haters whom I pissed off during past arguments because they can’t do better brahh


I can see that you casual fan just started watching basketball last week. Wiggins and Lavine are not the same players as MJ in terms of skill set, toughness, versatility, etc. But athletically, they are similar idiot. Wiggins has always been described as “The MJ of Canada” ever since he was in HS and Kansas. He just never lived up to this potential.


Were unimpressed with your best body part- The legs of a 50 year old female diabetic bar fly.


*Says not close to a pro bodybuilder size.
*Put up a picture of Lebron and Giannis.

A 260 lbs lean at 6’8 is hardly close to a pro bodybuilder size. That’s the perfect balance of strength, agility, explosiveness, and other aspect of athleticism for some athletes.

Some guys were saying that there was not a point where you can lose athleticism and get diminishing return is just pure ignorance. Prolly only fat power-lifters who cares about strength, delusional gym-goers who have body dysmorphia agree with that.

-Hirohito out


Says a guy with a jeans covering his legs on his profile picture and doesn’t show his upper body and with the camera focusing at his genitalia.

Like your opinion matter to me brah.

-Hirohito out


We all know your athleticism is based around out running people that want to throw those chicken legs in a fryer.


This would be easier to believe if you didn’t keep returning to the thread after saying “Hirohito out”


I just hope he tells us something about science.


Concur dude; you are CRUSHING this goal.


Bold move given your profile picture. Bold move.


Honestly wish that I had thought of this one, lol. That’s a hall of fame comment.


This is absolutely why I lift weights. To get less muscular.


This is silly. MJ handily outclasses both of them from an athleticism standpoint. Neither of those guys are anywhere near as strong as Jordan or able to defend larger players nearly as well. He was always one of the strongest guards in the league, even before he started lifting and putting on more bodyweight during the end of his run with the Bulls.

For his entire Bulls career he was either too fast for players that were stronger than him or too strong for players that were faster than him, and it would still be true in today’s league. You can’t say that about Wiggins or LaVine, even though all 3 can jump out of the gym and have great agility. Jordan also played more minutes than either of them, gave 100 percent defensive effort and kept it up for almost his whole career.

It’s also worth pointing out that Jordan played in an era where big, strong centers and PF’s were the norm and the defensive rules allowed for contact on the perimeter. If Wiggins or LaVine ran up against the '90 Pistons and the “Jordan Rules” they would have been smashed into a pulp.

Jordan was the total athletic package at his position. Wiggins and LaVine are most definitely not. Not similar at all and all you need to do is watch them play in games to see that.


Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.