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Does Bodybuilding Make Muscles Forget How to Work?

Does BB make you forget how to use your body as one unit and makes you think of/use muscles as individuals not teammates? And if it does, how would one make his body function as one unit again?



You do understand that most bodybuilders use some compound movements in their training which requires “team work”.


Yeah, most bodybuilders I know have lost the ability to walk. It’s actually pretty sad. I mean, they can still kinda do it, but it’s very slow. They need to lift their leg up from the hip, then bend the knee down, before trying to lean forward enough to let the foot fall down to the ground. Most cannot move their arms very well either. Movement at the elbow and shoulder at the same time is quite hard.


There are actually several layers of muscle memory, neurological pathways, the size of muscle cells and even changes to DNA that occur as a result of exercise, so yeah, no.



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It depends, I ideally it shouldn’t, but sometimes it can. If you get into bad habits, continually training that way it can effect your posture, cause chronic injuries. Training really hard all the time, and not recovering properly can led to muscle tightness too.

Neglecting stabilising muscles like the rotator cuff, in favour of only beach muscles can cause problems too.

If you have problems, it could be mobility and joint issues. You need to address the weak link in your chain. Work out if your technique is correct, eg when squatting, break from the hips , and not the knees. A good physiotherapist can assess if you have these problems.

Bodyweight exercises are a good indicator if your body is functional, and are a great way to help regain athleticism. If you are overweight it will make them difficult.

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Looks like I managed to make myself the retard of the day… And thanks for the input, Beyond

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After starting bodybuilding, the only way I can get down stairs is by falling down them end over end, like a Slinky.


If you were a speedskater and you stopped speedskating, you would expect that when you came back to speedskating, you might suck more than you did beforehand.

If your body moves a little differently than it did when you stopped because you have a huge gut or you have more chest muscles and less stomach fat or your legs can produce more force. Then you will probably suck even more again.

All things being equal, you’re not going to forget to kick because you added some leg presses lol

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The subject has long been a point of interest for researchers.


Self awareness is a rare quality.


What is happening


Watching bodybuilders or powerlifters run is actually a personal hobby. A-Grade entertainment right there.


Bodybuilding style training definitely makes me less athletic if that what you meant. By athleticism, I don’t mean only strength but also speed, agility, explosiveness, etc.

That’s why NBA players like Lebron James have their own sport-specific training. I saw some idiots commenting about the way Lebron James does squats is wrong on his Instagram page, but forget that he is not training for bodybuilding or power lifting. Surely the best basketball player in the world, with world-class trainers and sport medicine staffs, doesn’t know what he’s doing. Lul.

I agree. Sprinting and playing sports will also help.

Yes emperor, exactly what I meant, especially agility and co ordination. Bodybuilding is great but it helps to do normal physical activities running, jumping etc as well.

I don’t think one “forgets” anything though. It’s just training specificity.


you should watch long jump athletes trying to walk

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this is likely not so much the fact that you’re doing ‘bodybuilding work’, but moreso that, along with it, you’re neglecting athletic activity.

I’ve never been a better athlete than I am today, and plenty of people mistake me for a bodybuilder. However, 5 years ago this wasn’t the case. I was powerlifting, and I didn’t do anything but focus on those 3 movements, I avoided running, jumping, even overhead pressing. And it showed. Now, I’m carrying even more muscle than I was back then, but I’m also more explosive, bigger faster and stronger than I was then. I’m not even sure there IS a point of muscularity where you HAVE to lose athleticism. Phil Heath, at like 5’9, could still dunk a basketball as a Mr Olympia. I’ve seen bodybuilders who can do the full splits. The top strongmen in the world, for the most part, are crazy good athletes. Then you look at the ‘real’ sports, like football, and you see these super jacked running backs who can do backflips and run a 4.4 40 yard dash.

So in summary. bodybuilding doesn’t make you unathletic. not being an athlete anymore makes you unathletic.


I need to compile a collection of all your quips from this site. I swear to god I’m gonna do it one day.