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does blowin' your load equal higher T levels?

Hello out there in no pussies land. I was just curious if blowin’ your load will generate more free testosterone levels? If I remember correctly it does, then again I could have been dealt a line of bullshit so please refresh my memory.

Of course it does! Along with that, the high speed, high rep, low resistance arm work will make your guns absolutely freaky! Spank away! Jeez…

Rightous brother, rightous! Thanks for clearing that up for me. So I guess flogging the bishop is more than a survival tool eh?

Dyno i have heard and read that jerkin the gurkin will increase t levels as long as you dont do it a rediculous amount ( im guessing to the point where you have blisters). If you dont do it enough though then your T levels will lower. Whack away bro!

Jerking off may increase your T levels, but at the same time chemicals that make you relax are released in the brain. That’s why you may have a hard time working out after a 30 second bathroom break. I heard that you lose some zinc after blowing the load, so make sure you get some of that when your done.

That’s just a bullshit excuse to whack off, dynosar13. If you’re gonna whack it, whack it. Just don’t pretend you’re doing it for your muscles.

Yeah, this got me thinking, so I did a little looking around and found a study done in the late 70s by a Russian scientist, Dr. I.L. Jakov, on the effects of ejaculation on T levels. His research showed a rise in T after ejaculation. This inspired him to leave medical research and go into body building. His training methods, while rather unorthodox, included masturbating 4-5 times per day. He reached a massive physique, but his arm size was legendary. He was the inspiration for all these synthol users who you see on stage these days. Who was that guy? The one who’s biceps touched his ears when he flexed? Don’t remember, but his arm size was a pale shadow of the good Dr’s. And all that from flogging the dolphin. Kind of makes one all teary eyed…

Great post brider :slight_smile: Your right. I think Joe Weider adopted it as one of his Weider Principles. I just forgot what he called it.
Seriously, check this link www.warandgender.com/wgmaleag.htm
It covers various aspects of testosterone on social life and one is (quote) “Another experiment found that men’s testosterone levels are higher than usual during and immediately after having intercourse, but only slightly higher if at all after masturbation.” (For references check out the web-site. The main page offers a search for the complete reference listing). Recent research by Jannini et al. (Int J Androl 1999 Dec;22(6):385-92, you can get it online from www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) indicate the same thing, that testosterone levels are correlated to sexual activity:
‘In conclusion, we have demonstrated that the loss of sexual activity is characterized by relatively reduced testosterone levels, and that its resumption can restore this endocrine pattern. For this reason, we suggest that sexual activity is able to feed itself
through the increase in testosterone levels, preparing for the next sexual intercourse.’ (I just love this sentence :-)). So if you’re serious about getting big you know now what you have to do…

Does blowin’ your load equal higher T levels? I can’t believe I am hearing this. Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Noooooooooooooooooo, it does not. I was just in Atlantic City last week, and I lost about $225. My testosterone did not go up a bit.

Yeah not only will jerkin off increase test levels but if you wanna supersize it then use bengay when ya do it. lmfao!!!

How many damn times is this
question going to be asked?

Dynasour, in order to get the full testosterone raising effect of doing the knuckle shuffle on the ole piss pump one must also stimulate the prostate. It has been theorized by leading Exercise Physiologists that a shampoo bottle inserted 6 inches into the rectum will do the job. Couple this with use of Texas Pete’s hot sauce as a lubricant and you’ve got a fun testosterone boosting session. Hope this helps.

I’ve been trying to ignore this thread but dammit no longer. While I don’t know the answer to your question I will say this: going #1 on the toilet sitting down lowers your T levels BIG TIME!