Does blending increse the GI/II?

Generally processed foods are digested faster, therefore result in a greater insulin release. When low GI goods such as oats or cottage cheese are blended in a food processer, does it affect their GI’s?

If someone could provide a little more information on the subject I’d appreciate it.

Read carbohydrate rountable I/II

no, it should not affect it, don’t know why you would want to blend oats though?

It does, if you blend it you’ll speed the absortion rate thus making it enter the bloodstream faster therefore raising blood to a greater degree.

Yes…the more processed or finely ground a food is…the quicker it will be digested and passed into the blood stream…that is how the maltodextrin in surge works…highly processed corn starch ground into a fine powder that digests quickly…and that is why quick oats have a higher GI and II than old fashioned oats…because quick oats are more processed and less coarse…and if you pulvorize your oats in the blender…the GI will go up considerably just as in any other “processed carb” commonly referred to as junk food.

Okay, I don’t want to blend oats, but I wasn’t totally sure what the GI of cottage cheese is, so I used a known low GI food as an example as well. My interest in the specific subject is in the fact that I blend cottage cheese into my shakes. Casein is well known to be a slow digested protein, so, does blending it with milk/yogurt to make it palatable make it act more like whey, therefore defeating the purpose of using it as a slow release of AA’s?

Similar question: Does grilling a banana on your George Foreman affect the GI value? Doesn’t seem like it should, necessarily, but it sure feels like it does. What do you think (especially Heb - where have you been lately, bud?)?

I wouldn’t worry about the blending effecting the GI rating of food. If you think about it all the blending is doing is chewing your food for you. Ultimately whether you blend or chew the food it reaches your stomach in more or less the same state so no real difference in GI will be seen.

I’m quite prepared to be wrong but it makes sense to me.

that was my initial thought on the oats, blending them is simply chewing them. The chemical structure of the oat remains though, that’s what makes it compound, chewing nor blending still makes it complex. Unless it is chemically made into a quick oat. And yes I am ready to or willing to accept the fact that I might be wrong…

I believe pulverizing has a greater effect on the GI of carbs than protein…blended cottage cheese will still be casein but it will be digested and absorbed a little quicker due to being “liquefied” and hence passing through the stomach into the digestive tract quicker…just like all finely ground and processed foods. And chewing doesn’t grind food up to anywhere near the extent of running through a blender…in particular…when chewing either oatmeal or cottage cheese…very little additional grinding is done by the teeth and most swallow their oatmeal and cottage cheese fairly intact…chewing will never turn grain into flour. And Char…I’m not sure about the banana…but I do know that cooking fibrous veggies greatly increases the digestability and also the GI to some extent…so this may hold true for cooking some other foods also…I do usually eat my oatmeal “raw” or uncooked with cottage cheese…and I apologize for not being more active on the forum lately but have been busy with work and renovating my house…and oh yeah…my recent fiance…new priorities…but plan on catching up on some serious training by winter…and enjoy your oatmeal and cottage cheese as they were ment to be.

I think grilling bananas will raise GI. Cooking gelatinizes starches and make them easier to break down. That is why al dente fettucine is about 45 on GI scale, while if you cooked it untill very soft, the GI soars (sorry, can’t give you a number). Cold pasta has lower GI due to starches “re-forming” at lower temps.

If you cook your oats and then chew them before swallowing, I don’t see how that is much different than blending them. The GI or II might go up, but probably not enough to make it matter, unless you’re anal about that.