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Does Biotest Surge promote weight gain w/out increasing calories?


Has anyone actually put on muscle mass by using Surge without increasing their daily caloric intake? In other words, does the claimed rapid absorption of Surge actually help your body use the post-workout nutrients more efficiently than say, regular whey and grape juice, and thus result in increased muscle mass? One would think that the faster recovery time would allow for more frequent training and increasing poundages, leading to an increase in muscle mass, but is this possible with the abscence of an increase in feeding?? Presumably if you take a supplement while overfeeding and put on muscle mass it would be difficult to know exactly how much the supplement is working vs. the effect of overfeeding vs. placebo effect of taking the supplement... Any comments?


I did notice some lean weight gain after my first bottle of Surge. Now the thing is I can't say why exactly. Calories were kept the same (maintenance), so maybe it was because I got all the right nutrients in me at the right time. Or maybe it was because my revovery was better and I wasn't overtrained. I have a tendencey to overdo it more often than not. Or maybe it was because I was able to workout more frequently cause I wasn't so sore at the time. I also seemed to have really good workouts while on it. So the answer is yes for me but I can't say why. Maybe JB can.