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Does Being Quad Dominant Cause Knee Problems?


Does being quad dominant cause knee problems? I don’t have knee pain but they don’t feel very strong and they “pop” when I am squatting. Suggestions? Thanks!


Having way stronger quads than hamstrings and vice versa can cause knee problems. The first thing I would check out is your squat form if the problems only appear then.


It did for me. Low back and anterior rotation of the pelvis problems too.


How’d you fix your issues?


Simple squat wider and low bar power lifter style and or deadlift/RDLs/Heavy aggressive rows. Some glute ham raises bring up your weaknessss to balance out. Maybe it has more to do with bad form and not the
Quads post a video of your squat it’ll help us figure out what is going wrong.

Also play with your stance feet turned out slightly more may help everyone is built different. Find what feels most natural to you.