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Does BCAA Powder Need to Dissolve to be Effective?


Recently I've been working on improving my diet/supplementation. I try to eat good whole foods - lots of meats/fruits/veggies/complex carbs... 6x a day, etc. The only supplementation I do right now is whey protein, BCAAs, and fish oil. More muscle mass is desired though (duh, this is T-Nation!). I thought the next step (besides stuffing my face) would be to look at creatine. I did research and saw that the only creatine you absorb is what is dissolved in liquid... and it got me thinking, oh crap, is that true for BCAAs too?!?

I put 5g of BCAA powder in my post-workout shake. It is cold (crushed ice cubes, milk, whey protein, PB) and I know there is no dissolving happening. I never worried about it though because I noticed a difference in my recovery when the BCAAs were included in my shake. Still, I'd hate to be spending money on a supplement that wasn't being totally absorbed.

So, does anyone know if I should be trying to dissolve my BCAAs in water first? Does anyone have any recommended brands for high-quality BCAA powder? Is it possible to get something micronized that dissolves better?

Thanks T-Nation!


It doesn't need to dissolve. You can dump the powder in your mouth and wash it down with water if you want (BCAAs taste pretty spunky though). Same with creatine.

You should be taking the BCAAs before your workout (to prevent your body from eating your muscles for fuel). Whey protein is already going to have lots of BCAAs in it.


Please don't say that.

Since there are BCAA pills, it doesn't need to be dissolved. Your stomach will handle that.

Does steak need to be dissolved before entering your mouth to be absorbed?




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You don't need to dissolve bcaas for them to be absorbed. It might help them be absorbed more quickly though.


Correction: by "research" I mean I googled it, looked at the top 3 results, and then spent the rest of my time looking at T-Vixens.

Great replies. It's good to hear from multiple people that dissolving isn't an issue. I particular like the analogy to steak. Of course, overstand has now got me thinking about the timing for both the BCAAs and creatine.