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Does Ashwagandha Reduce Cortisol?

And is it true that higher cortisol levels contribute to hair loss? Has anyone tested their cortisol and then taken Ashwanga and found that it actually reduced cortisol levels?

Beware my friend, I lost all feelings of pleasure after 4 months of use taking it daily.

That’s all I needed to hear…thanks! I hope you got over it soon after stopping.

I’m interested to hear if you don’t mind expanding on your experiences. I have been taking it in small doses not every but many mornings. Usually only when I underslept so I knew my cortisol is likely to be higher, although I am not prone to high cortisol based on my personality and neurotype.


It did work on lowering cortisol, I was taking 900mg per day of KSM 66. I began noticing just not feeling any joy or pleasure, just a numbness. I’ll give you an example: the big boss at the fund I work for called me and said they were thrilled with my work and doubled my compensation immediately. I thanked him, hung up the phone after some more small talk, then felt nothing.

No, I’m all better. After about 5-6 weeks off it entirely I’m back to my normal self.

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5-6 weeks after. To be clear I’m only giving my personal experience. Many guys take it and are completely fine, I’m not the norm by any means.

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Haha be careful someone might take that comment seriously :rofl::rofl::rofl:

thanks i will throw in garbage the 500$ of ashwaganda i just buy

I have been taking ashwagandha for just about a year now. I love it. It improves my mood and increases my orgasm intensity. I am on TRT so I don’t believe I get any hormone balancing that is talked about. I also don’t notice any improvement in strength at the gym. I found this video useful on the subject. When people post about bad sides the first think I think is what they bought pure or is there other junk added. After all 90% of these supplements come from China and their quality control is not very good. HTH