Does Ashwagandha Cause Gynaecomastia?

I just started taking ashwagandha, but I’ve seen some posts saying that it might cause gynaecomastia. Is this true?

I’ve seen posts claiming that daily consumption of stinging nettle tea coupled with a teaspoon of turmeric give the same benefits of taking 500g of testosterone per week. Which can also lead to gynaecomastia! Is this true?

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Yes. The best way to avoid this is to consume via enema - it bypasses the liver and short-circuits the HPTA, going straight into your bloodstream.

Can you find any studies regarding this?

Can you find anything other than a random post on here or reddit?

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I actually have some, can i just pop them up or shall i open the caps up and mix with water?

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Why not both? Suppository for on-the-go needs and enema for when you have time to hang upside-down for a bit.

My gyno will poke me in the eye

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