Does Aromasin Wipe Out Aromatase Enzymes Currently Bound by Arimidex?

I’ll try to keep this simple…“try” being the operative word.

On 6/25 I did labs at trough (7 days after pinning, 9 days after my last adex) after being on a constantly changing regimen of test cyp and adex. I decided to hold off on pinning until I got my results, which I expected to get on the 30th. On 6/28, I took my first ever dose of aromasin - 25mg. Please don’t ask why. I know it was foolish.

Penis almost immediately shrunk, and is basically at half-strength.

Got the blood results today and find my estradiol was 19 on the 25th. I assume my estradiol was even lower when I took the aromasin on the 28th. However since I also haven’t taken any adex since the 16th, is it possible that there could’ve been some rebound between the 25th and 28th?

Other than my penis, I feel fine. With adex I would occasionally get sore elbows and cut back. I do not have any elbow soreness nor any other low E sides other than my little limp noodle.

I’m going to stop the AI’s period, but I’m curious about whether aromasin kills aromatase enzymes that adex is binding same as it kills unbound ones. If it doesn’t, then those should unbind slowly but surely, especially as I re-start pinning. But if the aromasin kills the bound ones too, I guess my member will be out of commission for awhile.

On top of having low E, you have low T. So start pinning and your pecker should return. Otherwise I have no advice regarding aromasin and adex interactions. Its a good idea to simply stop messing with the stuff if you dont need it. Get your T levels up

Don’t think so. They attach to the same receptor. Once the Dex in your system is metabolized you should start creating e2 again. But, the Aromasin floating around will find those enzymes once unbound and try to attach to them.

My advice is don’t overthink this. You’re gonna be “out of commission” for a week or two, maybe less.


T was 1059 at trough on the 25th. Even though I held off on pinning, it still would be high or high-normal on the 30th. The variable in question was definitely the aromasin, especially since the penis issue started shortly after taking it.

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