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Does Arnold Have Any Health Issues From Steroid Abuse?


Arnold has been known for abusing steroids, yet he once said that he never regrets using steroids and he doesn't have any health issues from their use. However this is the same guy who went against a german (i think german) doctor in court who believed that bodybuilders have short life expectancy. So it is no surprise that he would try to hide any of his health issues to defend bodybuilding. I tried to do some research but I didn't manage to find anything. I heard from a friend at the gym (he is light heavyweight bodybuilder who knows his shit) that he has heard that arnold has had so many problems in the recent years. This however could only be a rumor.

does anyone know if he has any health issues and if so do you have anything to support the claims?


He is 63 show me a 63 year old man with no health problems.


my father ! he is 67, plays tennis everyday and he is as healthy as hell. God bless him, hope he stays that way for a long time


Why the concern for Arnie's health? If you're interested in anabolic steroid side effects there are better ways to find out than asking about Schwarzenegger's health problems on a BB forum. If it's not in the public domain no one here or at your gym is going to know.


while that may be true, I believe his point was, at this age any medical problems that Arnold might have could just as well be from old age. Many of the great pros from the golden era of bodybuilding are in their 70s now and are still in phenomenal shape (nubret, zane, corney). Gary Strydom and Lee Labrada are also in great shape in their 50s.


Let us also remember that the issues associated with AAS are some of the most prevalent medical issues in the U.S. It would be hard without controlled experimentation to say that AAS contributed to such a condition, even if use had been heavy and long-duration. The majority of men and women in the U.S. will die of heart disease without ever having used anything similar to AAS.


age itself doesn't mean your going to get health problems. age exists solely in your mind. it just goes to show, all the people saying how bad steroids are for you, is laughable. if you look at all the bodybuilders from the 70s, Arnold, Lou ferigno, franco columbo, Dave draper, frank zane, sergio oliva. etc, all are alive and healthy today. and all did steroids for a long time. the fact is, nobody has ever died from steroids. yes, that is debatable, but show me one person who died from steroids alone. every single negative thing steroids do, can be counter acted by other supplements. blood pressure, lipids, etc....


first of all, I have been researching on this stuff for ages, and I am aware of all/or atleast most sides. The main reason I am asking is arnold was known (or atleast this is the information out there,which may not be true), for staying on AAS year round with only bridges (never a complete break). Well thats no surprise , cause todays Bodybuilders stay on all the time aswell. The only difference is that he is old enough now to be a subject of study, to see whether his abuse of steroids caused any major issues, where on the other hand, most other bodybuilders are not old enough yet to show any serious problems.

I tried to explain this as well as I could, and hope you get what I am trying to say. But afterall I am not here to reason with you or anyone else. I just had a question and was looking for the answer. and only the answer to my question, not anyone's concern for why I have been asking that question


I am 60 and have using for over 30 yrs and trained with a lot of those guys back in the day (as you youngsters put it). i am currently on TRT and still cycle every so often. I have had no major health issues from steriod use. Contrary to what some have heard back then the dosing was much less. Training was and what we knew about diet was the main focus. AAS products were dosed loweer out of the vial and and not a lot to always availible in the way various prouducts


thx, thats the sort of answer I was looking for


yes... arnold does have some health issues and one of them is actually quite serious.

I believe arnold has one of the worlds worst cases of carpal tunnel syndrome... from counting all of his money


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Why not ask about Louie Simmons. He used for far longer, and still does, and is in his 60s, still training. He has had injuries of course, but he has done a meet within the past year and is still stronger than many.

I think he said in one interview that he has used since like 16 years old, and never came off, and seems to have no issues from doing so.


As RIC mentioned, the doses used back then by Arnold and others could hardly be called abuse.


well were do you draw the line to call it "abuse"? I have seen arnold's possible steroid cycle both on isteroids and muscular development magazine and he was doing pyramids up to 100mg of dianabol ED and 1g of primo and then he never stopped taking them. He had a bridge of deca and dianabol. I know this might be bullshit, but still even lets say if he did 700mg of primo with 30 mg of dbol a day , would you not call this abuse?

my point is , at what point do you call it abuse?

p.s. also I know for a fact that frank zane has fucked up his thyroid from abusing T3 and he said he has to take them all the time to avoid getting fat.


It's all rumors but far from impossible.

I think the "AAS will kill you and are EVIL" advices are grossly exaggerated :slightly_smiling:

But let's not be in denial here. The depression many experience post cycle, even for a few days, might have driven a few people off past the tipping point. The libido boost might have led a few people down some dangerous sex practices. Etc. And the bad effect on lipid profiles might have provoked an earlier heart attack one would have gotten otherwise.

I was curious too. But it seems for the most part, AAS are pretty well tolerated by most people. And yes, Arnold "abused" them for sure in a medical sense. He's still alive ain't he? Sly too. Nubert died a few days ago but did you watch the video of his workout at age 70?

I'm pretty sure AAS don't add years to our lives. But they do seem to add life to our years.

I compare Nubret and Sly to people I know in their 60s and 70s and I'll take that personally.