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Does Arimidex Take Water Out of Muscles?

If so is there any way to counter it? Creatine maybe?

No it does not as far as I know. It’s effect of water retention is it lowers estrogen and estrogen will cause you to retain water. So directly it does nothing to water in the body but indirectly it effects estrogen levels which effect water retention.

So the decrease in estrogen will take water out of muscles? Or just the subcutaneous water?

Just subcutaneous water as far as I know. There might be a small amount of extra water in the muscle tissue associated with too much estrogen but it’s going to be so tiny no one even talks about it. The high estrogen will get fat into the muscle and that might have some water associated with it but again it’s going to be a pretty small amount.

Even though we associate anti estrogen effects (like when we take Proviron) with hard lean muscle it takes fully inflated cells for the muscle to be hard. To fully inflated those cells it takes blood and blood contains a large percentage of water.

Okay thanks that makes sense. I upped my adex dose since I started seeing some Gyno and have been peeing constantly and my muscles seem smaller and less hard but maybe it’s just in my head. Is that why nitric oxide boosters increase the pump? Because it gets more blood into the muscles making them bigger

Arimidex does do this if your oestrogen is high. It will lower oestrogen and the water retention associated with high oestrogen will be shed via urination or night sweats.


You might be crashing yourself.

If you crash your estrogen you will feel very flat.

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