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Does Arimidex Dehydrate You and Reduce Gains?

I’ve been on Anadrol, npp, test E and Adex@1mg eod(99% sure adex is underdosed) for two weeks. So far I’ve gained 3 pounds, strength hasn’t gone up much and haven’t noticed much if any water retention. I’ve been drinking a gallon a day and a minimum of 3000 calories a day. I’ve also been peeing all the time and my mouth is always dry

Kinda off topic but does high blood pressure from Anadrol decrease vascularity? I can still see the veins they’re just a lot smaller and don’t pop during a workout

  1. Way too much adex

  2. don’t know your stats but 3000cal a day is nothing for a bulk. I cut on 3000cal day.

  3. blood pressure isn’t going to affect vascularity that much if anything I would think it would increase it.

Why are you taking so much adex?

He thinks it’s under dosed. Think a blood test is advised.

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This always baffles me.

If I have drugs that I believed are under dosed or anything wrong with for that matter I don’t then take more of them.

I realize that the source I got them from in unreliable. Then once I have came to that conclusion nothing from that source is trust worthy therfore it is no longer going in my body.

The whole I think it’s under dosed let me take double is probably the stupidest thing ever for so many reasons.

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I have no low e2 sides and Gyno has been getting worse. I only take ai’s when they’re needed for Gyno. 3000 is the bare minimum since adrol causes appetite suppression but it’s usually around 4500

Plus it’s better than taking it how you usually would if you have Gyno and know it’s underdosed. I have started spacing out the dosages more though

If I had gyno and underdosed adex I wouldn’t be using steroids.

Gyno went away after last cycle then came back during this cycle after I already had the underdosed adex. Not like I knew it was underdosed before I got it

I understand but you do now. So instead of taking more hoping your taking a correct dose I think you should order some RX pharmacy adex. I’m huge on UGL gear and orals but when it comes to AIs and things like nolva and caber it’s best to go pharma route.

I hope you didn’t get your gear from the same person as your adex it’s probably bunk too

Thanks I’ll only order pharm grade ancillaries from now on. I only got the Anadrol from the same source but I got massive headaches and high blood pressure the first few days of taking it so I think it’s real