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Does Anyone Use Pellets? Pros/Cons?

I asked this question on a previous post but most of the responses addressed my then inconsistent results. I still need some time to dial in the right dosage (i’m getting there), and will get this pinned down before pellets, but the injecting isn’t fun, the effects of the t wear off a bit by the end of the week, and if pellets are ok i’d rather do that then inject twice a week.

But NOBODY uses pellets, everyone injects. Why is that? I know you have to go to the dr and have this mini surgery to get the pellet in there, but once every 6 months seems ok. go in, have a nurse put a pellet in your butt, take it easy for a few days, then you’re good for 6 months. Seems reasonably ok. But nobody does it, what’s the downside?

I know someone who uses them and they said the pellets are bioidentical (made from sweet potatoes) as opposed to Cypionate/Enanthate in which the molecule has been modified to control absorption.

But from my research it is much tougher to maintain steady levels with pellets, as their potency obviously is much less towards the end of the six months. The bioidentical component was interesting to me but other than than it seems injections are the better way to go.

I inject everyday it’s not a big deal. Subq in my stomach. Consistent and steady levels compared to pellets. If you can’t handle an insulin needle how are you going to handle all the added insertions until your levels are good? Or extractions if too high? How about reinsertions for the ones that work their way out? If you are having fluctuating levels on twice a week try eod or ed.

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If you look at how diverse the injection frequency of people here and how it effects them (and that’s the difference between 1 & 7 days) you can imagine the shit that could go wrong in a six month time period with no opportunity to change anything. The longer the frequency the more shit that can go wrong. What if the pellets wear out at month 4.5 and you have 1.5 months of low T. Seems like a horrible risk to take because you don’t want to stick yourself a couple times a week or slather your balls with some cream.

The solution is simple if you feel low by the end of the week, inject twice weekly using 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads which is painless. I wonder what size syringes your doctors has you using, I’m willing to bet the syringes are huge for you to be so against injections.

You get inconsistent levels using pellets, big swings as levels are very high initially and the individual pellets do not breakdown at the same rate leaving you hypogonadal by the time for your next pellet insertion.

Now you have to wait weeks for levels to become elevated again, rinse and repeat pellets gets old real fast! Those who have been on pellets for years finally gave up and are now on injections. There is only one reason why someone chooses to use pellets, because they do not like needles and choose the least effective version of TRT.

You’re having someone cut into your body and risk infection using pellets, scar tissue is another problem and it will look like someone unloaded a magazine into your ass.

When I am on TRT, I inject every day using 29 gauge syringes and feel nothing.

People do use pellets, some doctors only use pellets, with over 1000 patients, some well over 1000. You can do the math. Some general pros and cons:

inserted every 3-6 months
it is minor surgery, but minor surgery is the kind they do on someone else
no regular injections or creams
(for the doctor) profit margin
(for the doctor) no follow-up labs, or only once a year, I know of patients that have been on pellets for several years without any follow-up blood tests
can be combined with an aromatase inhibitor

cost, $300-$600 dependent on dose, then two to four times per year
they are still cutting into you
they last 3-6 months, but absorption is different for individual patients
once they are in, they are in and dose cannot be adjusted
can be and sometimes are combined with an aromatase inhibitor
if they must be removed, cost again and it can be (or is) difficult to find them

I suggest that you look into scrotal creams.

I am a pellet user and have been for over a year. Feel free to read.