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Does Anyone Take 'Glyco-X'? Do You Feel Like It Helps?

So I’m currently cutting down from my insane bulk of last year currently sitting at 78kg and my friend who is doing my ‘coaching’ told me to get some ‘Glyco-X’ supplements as I was having a few weeks where I felt flat and not how i usually felt, I indeed got the supplement and of course eventually felt less flat than previous, my main question is does or has anyone taken it or any similar products in the past or present and believe it helps overall? Just looking to open up a discussion! :smiley:


The main ingredient is Berberine. Berberine is the over the counter version of of the prescription drug, Metformin.

Metformin is used by diabetics to decreasing blood glucose levels.

Some bodybuilders use Metformin or Berberine as a means of cutting body fat.

Kenny Croxdale

Yeah i know the ingredients + uses was mainly looking to see from anyone else experience with the supplement

I used Berberberine for dropping some weight a couple of years ago. It really didn’t do anything for me that I could tell.

Kenny Croxdale

You could try a Glucose tolerance test now & after 8 weeks of the Glyco X & see how it’s improved.

If i purchase another bottle i may look doing so