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Does Anyone Take Bacopa?

Been reading some good things on bacopa and thinking of ordering some, looks quite cheapn so what the hey.

Was going to take it for cognitive boosting functions as well as the relaxing and mood lifting factor as I want to quit smoking again, and normally go through a period of being in a bad mood and pissed off all the time, with trouble sleeping when I quit, so want something to counteract it.

I’ve got exams coming up soon too, so could do with always do with a boost. Already taking some other nootropics which help.

What are peoples opinions on bacopa? Is it any good?

i went through a bottle of it once, didn’t notice any changes. Its relatively cheap, give it a try see what you think. Not everyone reacts the same to all supplements.

Going through a bottle right now, went through a bottle in the past (albeit in a thermogetic stack)

The increased blood flow to the brain is nice (prevented caffeine headaches), and without caffeine, the ensuing increase in focus is really nice as well.

Can’t speak for it’s cognitive boosting effects as I have never really tested myself prior/after to see a difference, but the increased studying from the increased focus should have benefits on its own.