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Does Anyone Take Aspirin?

I was told by my doctor to take a baby aspirin every day as a precaution for blood
Clotting that may (0.000000001% chance) happen.
Also, I ve read that aspirin and alcohol is a bad mix. I drink quite a bit. It’s something I am working on…
Anyone else do this?

Yes. Not uncommon.

Erry day!

Aspirin causes internal bleeding for me, I can’t take them.

How did u figure this out?

You drink. Do not take aspirin. It will make your stomach bleed and eventually cause other issues in the stomach. Ibuprofen same problem. Blood clots the least of your worries brother. Get the drinking under control. “I am powerless”… ya know the first step. It works… do it.

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Thanks for the reply.

I’ve actually been working diligently. I’ve gotten down to two days a week drinking.

Do you think it would be ok the just not take aspirin on drinking days?

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I dont get why you want to add aspirin as a precaution for blood clotting but you drink like a pig ?

stop drinking and after that you should think about aspirin …

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That’s why I am here asking.

Are you saying because alcohol thins my blood that I don’t need aspirin as long as I am “drinking like a pig”?

And as I’ve stated. I am working on not drinking. It’s not as easy as just stopping.

no, because you want to use aspirin because your body can benefit from it and it’s Healthy but you drink alcool.

Its like if i said i want to get lean i will eat salad everyday but everynight you eat a bigmac with french fries at mcdonald

He might need to taper his drinking to avoid dangerous withdrawals. Trt won’t help if you die of heart failure and seizures from going cold turkey

Alcohol would cause more issues and the asprin is not going to over ride that alcohol.

Don’t worry about aspirin on trt. Just eat healthy and be fit. 80yr old men need asprin.

I’ve heard someone say they take asprin once and that’s when there Hct was high. That is all.

Focus on everything else and you’ll be fine.

He’s down to twice a week. He wouldn’t be able to do that if he was physically addicted .

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He says hes at twice a week. If he really only drinks twice a week then he isnt addicted and must just not have the desire to actually commit to a better life and health.

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I should clarify. My goal is to go down to twice a week. I have an problem. I am not happy to admit it and I am going through the proper channels. I am just looking for advice in regards to aspirin and drinking until I get this under control. My father and my grandfather were/are both alcoholics and I am def fitting the description so far


A little nieve brother. This is a spiritual, physical and mental disease. Alcoholism is not a problem that willpower can over come by itself. I’ve been there done that. Trust me… it’s hell…

He’s taken the first step and admitted. There’s many men and woman who will not confess… he also was able to go from daily drinking to twice weekly. That is one hell of an achievement. The guys doing something most men with this addiction cannot.

The problem is putting it down for good. One needs to fill the hole that used to be filled with drink. Until that hole is filled, one will eventually fill it back with the only filler they know of.

It takes dedication and self awareness to quit. Along with spiritual improvement, mental clarity, physical detox.

I cannot explain how hard alcoholism and drug addiction is to overcome. There’s a reason millions of men and woman struggle with this. Some lose everything… trust me they don’t want to lose everything. There just stuck and cannot stop on there own.

If you put an alcoholic (who wants to quit) to a lie detector test they would pass everytime.

Ok he didn’t go to two a week. Then you are having the same issue I had many years ago. Please find yourself a good ol 12 step meeting, find a sponsor and just try. One step in front of the other. Don’t worry about the spirituality aspect of that bothers you. Just go…

Many millions are sober due to this program for life.

Email me if you need any guidance friend. Check my profile emails there.

Can’t even explain to you how much your last two posts meant to me. It’s nice to hear from someone else who understands. Thanks for your kind words.

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Wow, I’ve been in recovery for 16 years from…well…a lot of substances. Bottom line is, if someone’s never been through it they probably don’t understand it.
Not a lot of empathy for us alcoholics brother.
I worked in the treatment field for 6 years. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve detoxed a lot of friends after relapses and have had to detox myself in the past.
I’m the first person in my family to get clean and sober and every one except my aunt on my dads side ended up suffering from it. Most my family has passed from it or have died from complications do to it.

Anyway, glad to know you’re with us here. If you feel like talking, I’m up pretty late CST. Email me if your comfortable with it and we’ll shoot the shit.

If you feel like talking cause things are rough, I’m here.
If you would like any suggestions on recovery or how to move forward, I’m here for that too brother.

enackers! I didn’t know you were one of us! Pretty damn cool.

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Well this turned into more of an alcohol conversation but to answer your question, yes I take a low dose aspirin every day.