Does anyone take arginine?

What’s a good brand and how many grams do you take?

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L-Arginine is pretty much a commodity. I’d make my purchasing decision based pretty much on price alone.

What are your reasons for taking it?

what brand are you taking? NO2? TRAC? or just straight arginine?

Sorry man, I sped through your message and misread it. I’ve taken NO2 before and was not really impressed. It gave me good pumps during arm workouts, but that was about the only time I noticed anything different. I didn’t really notice any real change in my recovery or body composition either. However, I didn’t use it for very long because the price was unbelievably high.

NO2 didn’t do shit for me and i took like 3x the recommended dose. i’ve also tried trac (mhp?) while taking 4-ad-ec and i got a lot stronger.

i thought arginine was one of those “conditionally” essential aminos, like only good post workout or with vitamins/creatine to enhance delivery

Arginine helps with hemodilation which is the relaxing of blood vessel walls. This allows more blood to flow through your body. This fact is proven; doctors sometimes prescribe arginine to help with erectile dysfunction. It is an essential amino (you can’t make it yourself, you have to eat it), but you usually get enough to function from regular diet. In theory, getting enough excess arginine would open up the blood vessels that empty into your muscles. This would allow for more nutrients and oxygen to get there. However, the amount of arginine needed to create such an effect over the entire body would be immense. You’d have to take huge amounts of it for a long time to make any real change. Lots of the drugs out now say they have the ability to do this feat with their new drug. However, most of them are way overpriced and they say you must take them for months to see any effect. I think these companies are just using arginine’s connection to blood vessel dilation to sell lots of their shit whether or not it truly makes a difference. There are a couple articles on this site that really ream this arginine/hemodilator trend. Personally, I think these guys at T-nation know what’s going on better than I do. Check the older issues and read up on it yourself.

I take L-arginine daily. The reason I take it is because someone told me about the blood flow benefits of it so I bought a bottle. After not seeing any results at all I just continue to take it for the possibility of results I cannot detect. Until my bottle is gone that is. After that I’ll not be using it ever again. Save your money for Surge!

I reviewed a recent article dealing with this arginine supplementation theory, in “Kill the Guru’s”. In short it did nothing in skeletal muscle.
Now even Met-Rx has jumped on the bandwagon, combining it with glutamine. That gives me an idea… if I sell crap and urine together, it may sell better than crap alone! We could even try it out in the T-Jack forum!

I read a lot of hype on Arginine so I tried it. Took it for three months or so and it did nothing.

Just my experience with it.